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February 07, 2011 08:00 ET

Shareholder Update From the President of GRNO

EDMONTON, AB--(Marketwire - February 7, 2011) - Green Oasis Environmental Inc. (PINKSHEETS: GRNO), is pleased to provide a shareholder update.

"Dear Shareholders:

We are pleased to reaffirm our commitment to bring Green Oasis Environmental, Inc. up to date and current with information available to the public; particularly our financial statements and information regarding operations of our company. To that end, we are very confident that the recent engagement of a PCAOB registered accounting firm, will ensure our financial statements will be audited and presented in a more timely fashion in the future. We have had many hurdles with the purchase of Green Oasis Environmental, Inc. and are working very hard to meet our goals.

There have been questions regarding the progress we are making and concerning statements we have made in our press releases, and I would like to take this opportunity to address some of those questions. First, there is concern that I received a number of GRNO shares and months later, my shares were depleted. I received shares of GRNO when I joined the company as a consultant; to date, I have not taken a salary from GRNO. Some of my personal shares were used in exchange to pay off debts incurred by GRNO, prior to my purchase of the company. In addition, some of the shares I received were exchanged for loans that I received personally and which I in turn re-invested in the company.

Second, a question was asked with regard to the 2009 financials and the Form 8-K saying not to rely on those financials -- this is not what the Form 8-K stated, it actually stated that the financials that were filed in the form of 10-Q's for the years 1997-1999, should not be relied on. Furthermore, we were basing the non-reliance on the form of the financials, not the financials themselves. To reiterate, we are working to get our financial statements audited and posted so that a clear financial picture of GRNO will be publicly accessible.

Third, there have been some concerns regarding the Texas project that I would like to address. To date, CCP has not been granted an R9 permit to operate a Reclamation Plant for the eastern Texas facility. We have taken all necessary steps toward acquiring the permits necessary to operate the facility, and have thus far obtained a P5 permit, along with engineering documents; all preparations on our side have been completed. We cannot move forward with the Texas project prior to the R9 permit being granted, without putting the company at risk, which I am not prepared to do. 

The above-referenced questions were ones that seemed to cause our shareholders the most concern; we appreciate your concern and hope that in this letter, we have been able to alleviate some of that concern. 

We are diligently working to meet projected deadlines and goals. It may not always be possible to meet those goals; however, in most instances, I feel confident that we will. Further, I feel confident that there will be times when we far exceed projected goals.

Additionally, I am diligently working to stay atop of the deadlines and standards that need to be met in order to remain SEC compliant. This is proving timelier than anticipated; particularly because I spend the majority of each day running the Company. I remain a "hands on" guy and am not opposed to rolling up my sleeves with the guys out in the field. 

Finally, to help the company satisfy the requirements set forth by the SEC to remain a public company, we have engaged the services of Sharon D. Mitchell, Attorney at Law, to guide us in those procedures GRNO needs to follow that are necessary to keep a public company current and compliant with the SEC. 

I want to thank all of you, our shareholders, for believing in GRNO and for your support during this time of transition. It has taken considerably more time than anticipated; however, I believe wholeheartedly in our product and believe that what the company has to offer regarding a cleaner environment is highly beneficial to all of us. 

Again, my thanks for your continued support and belief in GRNO; we anticipate a great future ahead of us!


Peter Margiotta
President, Green Oasis Environmental, Inc."

About Green Oasis Environmental Inc.

Green Oasis Environmental, Inc. (GRNO) is dedicated to acquiring and providing access to world class technologies available today and has chosen to focus its efforts on seeking acquisitions of technology and/or operations concerning the remediation of slop oil, waste engine oil, and tank bottom oils. GRNO has every intention of becoming the single best option for reclaiming oil to pipeline specification from these waste products. Through the Company's state of the art technology, GRNO will be able to process these waste products at one of their facilities or at a customer's site by way of implementing its portable processing technology.

About Custom Carbon Processing Inc.

Custom Carbon Processing Inc. (CCP) is a Wyoming based Company formed in 2006 that has been operating in the Gillette, Wyoming area since its inception. Through the technology that CCP has developed, CCP is able to process slop oil (an unrefined, non saleable oil) into pipeline standard crude. Its current facility has the capabilities of processing up to 1,500 barrels of slop oil with a conversion ratio of approximately 50% to finished crude. Through its ongoing contract, CCP sells the processed slop oil to Shell Trading (US) Company ( Shell Trading (US) Company is a corporation that acts as the single market interface for Royal Dutch Shell companies and affiliates in the United States with offices in Houston, TX (headquarters); Dallas, TX; Denver, CO; Midland, TX; and San Antonio, TX; and has an affiliated Shell Trading company in Calgary, Alberta. Shell Trading buys and sells more than five million barrels per day of hydrocarbons, is one of the largest physical traders of hydrocarbons in the United States and one of the world's largest energy trading companies.

In addition to its Wyoming facility, CCP is currently planning expansion of its processing technology into Montana and North Dakota, home of the Bakken ( and Three Forks plays, said to be two of the largest oil plays in North America.

For more information on Green Oasis Environmental, Inc. or Custom Carbon Processing Inc., please visit or contact Investor Relations at (877) 207-3370.

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