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May 08, 2007 08:00 ET

ShareOffice, the World's First Online Office Based on Open Standards, Is Launched With User and Partner Endorsements

ShareOffice Is Built Upon Best-of-Breed On-Demand Services From iNetOffice, EditGrid, ShareMethods and With Immediate Availability in the AppExchange and as a Standalone Service

SANTA CLARA, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 8, 2007 -- Software 2007 Conference -- iNetOffice, a leading provider of browser-based word processing applications; EditGrid, a leading provider of online spreadsheet applications; and ShareMethods, a leading provider of on-demand document management, today announced the general availability of ShareOffice™. ShareOffice combines an online office based on open standards with enterprise document management on-demand, bringing major product categories together into an Office 2.0 application for the first time. The companies also announced the endorsement of ShareOffice by end-users and Office 2.0 industry leaders and partners. The launch of ShareOffice builds upon the momentum of ShareMethods, with users in 32 countries and more than 200 companies on a global basis including customers such as BusinessWeek, Agile Software, CNET Channel, NMS Communications, HID Global and many others.

ShareOffice addresses significant limitations in current office-productivity solutions. Desktop-productivity suites are proprietary closed systems difficult to extend or to modify to meet user needs. Existing online office suites are targeted broadly at many different user groups and do not address specific workflows. Many online office applications provide limited or no support for offline use with documents. To address these issues, ShareOffice enables an online office ecosystem via open standards, supports business-critical workflows, operates entirely as a software service via a browser and provides offline capabilities such as document synchronization and local document backup.

With ShareOffice, collaborative teams can easily create, edit, and share documents and spreadsheets online; and can automatically generate common sales documents such as proposals, contracts, quotes, and customer letters in a single browser interface using customer data from Marketers are likewise empowered to easily and quickly create, manage and share marketing documents online such as newsletters, press releases and product brochures; support teams can create FAQs; and product development groups can manage requirements materials.

"ShareOffice is a breakthrough development for our company, a global consulting firm operating in more than 40 countries with clients such as Chevron, BP and Intel. It allows us to automate and streamline aspects of sales-proposal generation that typically required many manual steps, saving us time and money and improving our responsiveness to our clients. Once ShareOffice creates documents online, we have access to an enterprise-class document repository to allow us to search, share, archive and approve our business-critical documents," said Bob Allbright, Americas regional marketing and sales manager at JMJ Associates.

"ShareOffice is an exciting development for small businesses like ours," said Shea Gilbert, chief operating officer at BelaCorp, a provider of medical transcription and document management services. "For BelaCorp, ShareOffice enables cost-effective collaboration for a distributed sales team located in the United States and Canada, with centralized on-demand access to key documents. In addition, ShareOffice allows for the quick and easy creation of documents online, saving time and streamlining the user experience of document creation. We are also looking forward to using ShareOffice for standardized contracts and forms to ensure consistency and integrity of customer-facing documents."

"We are excited about the launch of ShareOffice for AppExchange, an innovative approach to an online office designed for the Business Web," said Rene Bonvanie, senior vice president and GM of AppExchange at "The release of ShareOffice for AppExchange brings new capabilities to the sales and marketing user community including online document and spreadsheet creation, 'one-click documents' such as customer proposals and contracts, and rich integration with on-demand CRM. ShareOffice is an important advancement for software as a service as it represents a new and powerful application service going beyond desktop office capabilities and fully designed for the on-demand, browser based world."

The features and benefits of ShareOffice include:

--  Online Office Ecosystem -- the first Office 2.0 platform designed to
    enable the assembly of dozens or hundreds of online office applications
    using common and open Internet infrastructure for document sharing, single
    sign-on, and cut and paste
--  Best-of-Breed Online Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations --
    ShareOffice is built upon best-of-breed online office applications such as
    iNetWord and EditGrid,  AJAX-based word processing and spreadsheet
    tools with advanced features and functionality; Online presentation service
    Preezo is also available in preview mode
--  Security -- SSL authentication and network encryption for online
    documents, spreadsheets, and presentations; SAS 70 Type II data center;
    roles, permissions, administrative controls
--  Offline Support -- ShareOffice works in conjunction with ShareDrive
    OnDemand to allow offline access to key documents including offline
    synchronization of files and folders, scheduled data backups of documents
    to a local server or laptop as well as batch upload/download, etc.
--  One-Click Documents On-Demand -- Customer-facing proposals, quotes,
    contracts and spreadsheets can be created via templates at the click of a
    mouse on demand
--  Advanced Online Document and Spreadsheet Features -- For online
    spreadsheets: graphical charts and rich visualization, live data feeds in
    worksheets; for documents: richly formatted tables and text, dynamic merge
    fields, pictures, live searches on document text from multiple search
    engines, etc.
--  Enterprise Document Management -- Customizable taxonomies for large-
    scale document collections, usage analytics, version control, approval
    workflows, full text search, etc.
--  AppExchange / Integration -- Deep integration for and online office features; ability to launch and save
    dynamic documents via Accounts and Opportunities
--  Open Standards Internet File System (IFS) -- Users navigate through a
    familiar multi-level file and folder model for online documents based on a
    worldwide open standard for document sharing and running purely in AJAX
--  Open Standards Document Export -- Spreadsheets can be exported to
    Excel, PDF, OpenOffice, OpenDocument, XML, and more; documents can be
    exported to HTML, Word, and PDF
--  Service Level Agreement (SLA) -- The first online office platform to
    offer a service level agreement for businesses committing to application
    availability of 99.9%
--  Ease of Use -- a single browser interface for word processing,
    spreadsheets, document management and CRM allows users to work seamlessly
    in a single integrated application without any need to upload or download
--  Real-Time Collaboration -- Multiple users can work together on their
    online documents and spreadsheets in real-time on a global basis
--  Data Integrity -- Customer data automatically inserted into online
    documents from, with documents automatically associated with
    Accounts or Opportunities
"The development of ShareOffice and the standards-based online office platform upon which it is built is a major step forward for the Office 2.0 community," said Eric Hoffert, CEO of ShareMethods. "The time of working with closed proprietary office applications is over; the revolution begins now with an open platform and ecosystem upon which innovation can flourish. This is a fundamental shift in how office productivity applications are delivered and used."

"ShareMethods, iNetOffice and EditGrid are delivering on the vision of Office 2.0 with their focus on productivity improvements working online," said Ismael Ghalimi, founder and organizer of the Office 2.0 Conference. "This product announcement is important and I am delighted to see ShareOffice, a product that realizes this vision, in the market. The ability to streamline user workflows in an online office application delivers business impact that is so essential. The ability to create a framework with open standards can extend ShareOffice to include many useful Office 2.0 services in a single integrated solution."

ShareOffice is the first commercially available product developed based on OpenSAM (open simple AJAX mashup, OpenSAM is a consortium of software as a service (SaaS) application vendors and a set of AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) programming recommendations based on open standards that allow multiple online applications to integrate. iNetOffice and ShareMethods developed OpenSAM to enable the Internet as a platform for "plug and play" office productivity suites tailored for specific business needs. OpenSAM was formally announced in a separate news release today.

Leading Office 2.0 companies that support OpenSAM include EchoSign (contract automation), EditGrid (online spreadsheets), Preezo (online presentations), Joyent (collaboration), Persony (web conferencing), Caspio (online databases) and others. iNetOffice and ShareMethods are inviting SaaS companies to add their applications to ShareOffice using OpenSAM recommendations. Preezo, an online presentation service, announced ShareOffice support with a preview version of its service included until the fully integrated solution is launched.

"The Internet has become the vehicle for most types of communication and it now continues to evolve as the platform for application delivery. The next step is to provide application functionality and interoperability that rivals traditional desktop applications," said Benjamin Pring, research VP at Gartner.

ShareOffice and Simple AJAX Mashup were developed by a dream team jointly led by Tom Snyder, president of iNetOffice and a veteran of Microsoft where he pioneered work on Internet Explorer 4.0 (the first DHTML browser), Windows Help system and Microsoft Publisher '95 and '97; and Eric Hoffert, CEO of ShareMethods and a veteran of Apple Computer, where he played a key role in launching the widely successful QuickTime digital media ecosystem that resulted in thousands of software applications and usage by millions of end-users.

ShareOffice is available immediately from's AppExchange on-demand application sharing service (ShareOffice for AppExchange), and also as a stand-alone service. ShareOffice pricing ranges from $5 to $45 per user per month depending on the class of user and volume usage. ShareOffice can be quickly and easily deployed for companies of all sizes -- small, medium or large enterprises, further democratizing access to powerful Office 2.0 software.

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iNetOffice ( is a privately held and funded Washington-state corporation that specializes in developing fully functional web-based office applications. The company was founded in 2000 by Tom Snyder, a veteran of Microsoft Corporation. iNetOffice is positioned to accelerate the software industry's evolution away from desktop-based applications toward hosted, SaaS (software as a service) solutions. The company's vision is to deliver online office applications with lower overall costs, ease of use and rapid deployment of SaaS software without compromising program capabilities or requiring extensive user training.

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With ShareMethods, sales and marketing teams can create, manage, and share documents easily and securely, collaborating with extended selling networks to close more business, providing a cost-effective alternative to developing and supporting a sales and marketing intranet or extranet. The "Sales and Marketing Portal in a Box" approach can cost less than one tenth of the price of traditional enterprise software. ShareMethods provides on-demand services to more than 200 companies on a global basis with users in 32 countries and customers including BusinessWeek, Agile Software, CNET Channel, NMS Communications, HID Global, Airspan Networks, etc. ShareMethods on-demand services include ShareNow for AppExchange, ShareOffice for AppExchange, ShareDrive OnDemand, and ShareMethods. ShareMethods founding team includes industry veterans from Apple Computer, AT&T Bell Labs, NASA, etc. Visit or call 1-877-SHARENOW.

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