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July 12, 2016 11:33 ET

Sharing Couple Responsibility in a Fruitful Way With the Help of an App

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL--(Marketwired - Jul 12, 2016) - Sharing the responsibilities in a relationship ranks in the top three ways to minimize resentment and tension according to surveys conducted by Pew Research among working couples. And now it's easier to get on the same page, romantically speaking, with apps to help couples manage the shared responsibility in a relationship. The Fruitful Way app is marketed as a fertility solution for couples trying to conceive, but app creator and co-founder, Udi Alroy, says they are noticing a surge in couples using the functions of the app for everyday relationship intel that goes beyond baby making.

"The Fruitful Way app has a function that will send romantic push notifications to your partner at the right times that align with the woman's fertility window," said Alroy. "We are finding that couples using the app love this feature even if they are not trying to get pregnant."

Timing is everything, and knowing that timing is important when you are in a relationship. Especially as today's relationships are proving to be quite demanding, particularly among the nation's largest living generation, millennial couples ages 19-35. Research published in the American Sociological Review in 2015, shows that millennial couples are having a more difficult time juggling work-life-balance with round-the-clock, demanding career schedules and unpredictable on-call availability that are resetting familial roles to where they were in the more traditional times of the early baby boom generation. Researchers found that millennial men desire equal relationships but are finding them difficult to pull off in the real world.

"The helpful aspect of the Fruitful Way app is that it helps organize couples into a routine of sharing responsibilities at home and finding ways to connect despite the busyness of life," said Alroy. "It's a great tool to start using at any stage in a relationship and really ideal to use even before you start getting serious about pregnancy. It's often the stress of not being able to become pregnant that piles on top of the underlying stress that was already in the couple's relationship in the first place. With most couples struggling to have children we find that it's often because of too little sex and too much stress. Fruitful Way app is great at managing this aspect of the relationship right from your smartphone."

More than relationship nudges, the Fruitful Way app also provides the couple with healthy recipes, advice on nutritional supplements (for him and her), exercise and stress relieving tips. The entire app is based on a four-part, shared responsibility system to improve your chances of building a family, including: free assessments to determine fertility potential based on a clinician-developed algorithm, nutrition plans, stress reduction tips, ovulation tracking and romantic, relationship-building push notifications. The app also personalizes fertility nutritional supplements for both the man and woman and gives the option to ship monthly supplies so they can conveniently take them together as part of the program. Fruitful Way app can be downloaded for free in Apple's iTunes store. Learn more at

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