SOURCE: Bring Hollywood Home Foundation

September 24, 2013 16:00 ET

Sharon Jimenez President & Founder of "Bring Hollywood Home," Actors Bill Duke, Edward James Olmos and Attorney Corky Kessler Announce Newest Venture: Nation's First Private Film Fund Will Keep TV & Film Production in California

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 24, 2013) - The Bring Hollywood Home Foundation announced the launch of the nation's first private film fund to keep pre-production, production, post production, and banking in the State of California. Entertainment attorney Corky Kessler who helped create the federal tax credit law -- 181 -- to keep jobs in the USA, congratulated Sharon Hardee Jimenez, president and founder of Bring Hollywood Home for the work to bring about a new vision for a business model to bring investors to a fund that will provide a 30% incentive to keep jobs in the state.

The new fund is called the Bring Hollywood Home Film Fund #1. The fund is aimed at independent productions with a 3 to 10 million dollar budget. An advisory board of experts in film funding, marketing, casting, distribution, and production will oversee the submitted scripts, and budgets and evaluate the projects for viability. The fund will ask producers to fill out a questionnaire designed to ascertain whether the film has the potential for domestic theatrical distribution and the potential for foreign pre-sales. The fund will be managed by a team of California based leaders committed to seeing independent productions made in the state.

Bill Duke Secretary of BHHF was a featured speaker. "The Bring Hollywood Home Film Fund is visionary. We are the first grassroots leadership in the history of California to get behind a new business model to keep filming in California. I served on the California Film Commission. I worked with some of the most important entertainment industry names in California to try and get a competitive tax credit incentive passed in the state. So many people and so many groups have been part of the two and a half decade fight against job outsourcing and runaway production. We look forward to the support of these groups to bring investors to the Bring Hollywood Home Film Fund to get this state working again in the industry that made California the once great movie capital of the world."

Sharon Hardee Jimenez, president and founder of the Bring Hollywood Home Foundation says the private film fund is attracting some of the leaders in the industry. "The caliber of people who are coming together to make jobs possible in the state of California in the production of quality films is heartening. Thanks to the new Security and Exchange Commission rules we can advertise for investors for this fund and offer a new business leadership that will put people back to work in the California movie industry."

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