SOURCE: Sharpe Mixers, Inc.

Sharpe Mixers, Inc.

November 11, 2014 12:01 ET

Sharpe Hydrofoil Mixing Impeller Split-Hub Design Is Strong and Adjustable

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - Nov 11, 2014) - Sharpe Mixers, Inc. has introduced a line of hydrofoil impellers that incorporate a split-hub design which is stronger, more adjustable, and easier to install and remove than conventional one-piece or bolted-blade impellers.

Sharpe HYFLO Impellers feature four blades with a narrow, low-pitch section at the tip where the speed is fastest and a wider, higher-pitch section near the hub where it is slower for maximum efficiency. In 24" dia. and larger sizes, the blades are welded directly to a split-hub that can be attached anywhere on a shaft without a keyway, and is easy to adjust or remove.

Available in industrial and sanitary versions, the split-hub eliminates the need to cut and weaken a shaft by a keyway. For high torque applications, Sharpe HYFLO Impellers' fail-safe operation is achieved by welding torque pins to the shaft which fit into matching holes on the split-hub's bore. Suitable for new equipment and retrofit on existing agitators, impellers can be made from 316SS to titanium and other alloys in 3" to 210" dia. sizes.

Sharpe HYFLO Impellers with split-hubs are priced according to material, size, and quantity. Pricing is available upon request. One-piece impellers are also offered.

About Sharpe Mixers

Founded in 1953 as The Burhans-Sharpe Company, a sales representative organization with equipment and engineering services for the chemical process and pulp and paper mills throughout Washington and Oregon, understanding end-user requirements is in Sharpe's DNA. After successfully engineering and providing specialized equipment and services in the areas of mixing, heat transfer, conveying, vacuum control, pumping, filtration, and other applications in the chemical engineering industry, the company formed a mixer manufacturing division in 1970.

Today, Sharpe Mixers manufactures a broad line of portable and stationary mixers, energy efficient hydrofoil blade impellers, and related equipment to service the chemical, fluid gas desulpherization, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, pulp and paper, and water and wastewater treatment industries. The company is known for providing dependable mixers configured to match customer requirements.

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