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Shea Medical Lyme Disease Treatment

November 17, 2014 18:55 ET

Shea Medical Fights Lyme Disease via New Biofilm Treatments

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - November 17, 2014) - Shea Medical is a boutique medical center specializing in the integrative treatment of Lyme disease and has been treating Lyme disease complex (an advanced form of Lyme disease with co-infections) for years. For so long now, it has been perpetuated that the only treatment needed for Lyme disease is antibiotics, which is simply not true in our medical experience. "Above and Beyond Antibiotics," an article featured on Shea Medical's website, highlights a new Columbia University study on mice where it was found that mice that were infected with Lyme disease bacteria and treated with antibiotics still had the disease.

Knowing how to address all infections that are present and reestablish immunity has led to our success. Shea Medical has been working in the area of biofilm combined treatment solutions for Lyme disease due to the fact that biofilm impedes the ability for antibiotics and other treatments to help patients -- biofilm being any group of micro-organisms whose cells stick to each other on a surface, kind of like a slime that protects infections.

Shea Medical has developed a more comprehensive approach to medicine and treatment to help patients with Lyme disease, maintaining that antibiotics in conjunction with penetrating biofilm makes treatment much more effective. This program requires unique proprietary treatments and access to the best technology and blend of conventional and integrative treatments from around the world. We find that when this type of comprehensive treatment is not provided to patients, treatment programs will likely fail. To learn more, or to view the original "Above and Beyond Antibiotics" article by Shea Medical, go to

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