SOURCE: Metro Physical & Aquatic Therapy

February 25, 2013 06:00 ET

Sherrie Glasser-Mayrsohn: Physical Therapy Documentation Is Essential

Sherrie Glasser-Mayrsohn, Physical Therapy Professional, Discusses the Importance of Accurate Documentation and HIPAA Compliance Within Her Field

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Feb 25, 2013) - has recently published an article that considers the ways in which proper documentation software can limit the liability held by professionals in the field of physical therapy. Sherrie Glasser-Mayrsohn, physical therapy professional, agrees that the right documentation policies and procedures can ensure that accurate records are kept and that the privacy of patients is respected.

The article highlights the opinion of Nitin Chhoda, who is a licensed physical therapist and private practice marketing expert. Chhoda asserts: "As healthcare professionals, physical therapists are subject to the same intense scrutiny within the field. They are expected to perform their jobs perfectly while documenting everything for future reference and billing purposes." The article explains that, when records are not accurate or another such mistake is made, physical therapists are held accountable, from a legal perspective, for the errors that have taken place. For this reason, it is of extreme importance that physical therapy offices across the country ensure that the right tools are in place to allow professionals to maintain proper records.

Chhoda contends that electronic medical records systems are a wonderful way for healthcare professionals to maintain appropriate documentation while also protecting the privacy of patients. The article explains that, ultimately, the best electronic medical records systems are designed to both improve the accuracy of the records that are kept and increase the speed with which these records are documented. As such, the implementation of such a system can improve the efficiency of an office in multiple ways.

"EMR is the way of the future for the profession of physical therapy and almost all healthcare professions," comments Sherrie Glasser-Mayrsohn, physical therapy professional and founder of Metro Physical & Aquatic Therapy. "At Metro Physical Therapy, we designed our own HIPAA compliant software that fits our office's needs for our therapists and billers." 

Glasser-Mayrsohn encourages physical therapists to consider how they might improve the electronic medical record system they already use or, if they have not yet converted their office to such a system, how the switch from manual to electronic documentation may prove beneficial to both their staff and their patients.


Sherrie Glasser-Mayrsohn, physical therapy professional, opened Metro Physical & Aquatic Therapy in 1982. Through her devotion to her patients and their health, Sherrie Glasser-Mayrsohn, physical therapy professional, offers quality care to patients who are in need of a variety of treatments. She is particularly dedicated to offering seniors in her community the treatments they need to age actively and improve their overall level of health. As such, Sherrie Glasser-Mayrsohn, physical therapy professional, offers geriatric services regarding wellness, Pilates, yoga, fall prevention, balance training, tai chi, and more.

Glasser-Mayrsohn holds a bachelor of science in physical therapy from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Additionally, she holds a master of science in orthopedic physical therapy from The Institute of Graduate Health Sciences.