September 19, 2011 01:00 ET

Shift That Holiday Bulge With Skechers Trainers, ShapeUps and Geox Shoes Online from

PARIS, FRANCE--(Marketwire - Sept. 19, 2011) - Sarenza are the top online shoe specialists with a devoted interest to fitness footwear, and with many of us gaining excess pounds as a result of enjoying ourselves a bit too much during summer holidays, the footwear experts have many major brands from their massive exercise range to help you get the most out of working out.

The professionals at Sarenza have positively approved the athletic shoe range from Skechers Trainers, backing the shoes because of their stylish looks and practicality.

Skechers Trainers are made with top quality materials to provide optimum comfort for active feet. The Californian brand have a huge following because of the fun and trendy designs of their extra durable shoes! All styles are made with hard rubber soles that blend in with the design while providing a tough exterior that will last for years.

ShapeUps, meanwhile are designed to stimulate muscles through everyday activities like walking! The soft kinetic wedge supporting the shoe helps to exercise all leg muscles. This saves time and money, as those with no time to visit the gym between work and errands can get fitter by popping on ShapeUps to do their normal daily routine.

Meanwhile, another footwear giant, Geox Shoes Online are built to help ventilate feet as they move, making them perfect for gym sessions, hikes and cycling.

Geox Shoes Online boast a spectrum of shoe styles from boots to pumps and the technology behind their aerating shoes is a strong example of the type of designers Sarenza like to work with. A spokesperson for Sarenza commented:

'At Sarenza we understand that people still want to look stylish in the gym but they do not want blisters and cracked heels! These expert designers we deal with strive to make their footwear healthy for feet while looking incredibly stylish! We're very pleased to have this type of revolutionary sportswear on our website.'

Visit their website today and find a trendy athletic shoe that can enhance your workout experience, keep your feet healthy and can even aid your fitness programme. Sarenza also offer a huge collection of hundreds of shoe brands for men, women and kids!

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Created in 2005 and launched in the UK in the beginning of 2010, Sarenza has started to put its mark on the market with over 350 shoe brands and 10,000 styles, including lots of brands that customers can't find at other UK retailers.

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