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October 06, 2016 08:30 ET

ShippingEasy Releases "E-commerce Seller's Guide to Shipping Insurance"

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - October 06, 2016) - ShippingEasy, provider of the leading cloud-based shipping and inventory management solutions for e-commerce sellers of all sizes, has released the "E-commerce Seller's Guide to Shipping Insurance." This 16-page whitepaper is a comprehensive guide to everything an e-commerce seller needs to know about shipping insurance (or "Declared Value for Carriage" depending on the provider), including how to:

Understand which products can and cannot be insured: Insurance providers will not insure certain types of products or products sent to certain destinations. The guide helps shippers understand these limitations.

Decide which products should be insured: Most shipping carriers include some level of default coverage; the guide explains these defaults for major carriers and explains how to evaluate shipment value versus various risk factors to determine the business case for adding supplemental insurance.

Determine the best insurance option: The guide explains shipping carrier coverage versus third-party insurance options; outlines the high-level costs; explains how to calculate declared value; and provides advice on communicating insurance coverage to customers, insuring returns, and cancelling insurance.

Understand the claims process: Every shipping carrier has its own rules on filing claims. The guide helps shippers understand the process, applicable timing rules, requirements for proving a loss, how to prove the value of the shipment, and typical settlement timeframes.

"While almost every ShippingEasy customer benefits from the free extended insurance benefits we offer, we know that many online sellers would benefit further by adding supplemental insurance to their orders," said Katie May, CEO of ShippingEasy. "This educational, comprehensive guide provides a clear framework for deciding whether supplemental insurance is worth the price by analyzing item value versus risk. The guide demystifies shipping insurance for e-commerce sellers of any size."

To learn more, download ShippingEasy's E-commerce Seller's Guide to Shipping Insurance today.

About ShippingEasy - ShippingEasy provides e-commerce retailers with the easiest cloud-based shipping and inventory management solutions, enabling order consolidation across multiple channels and multiple carriers, including USPS, FedEx, and UPS. ShippingEasy integrates with leading online marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, and many others, to allow automated order, tracking fulfillment data, and inventory levels to populate in real time across all systems. ShippingEasy saves time, money, and relieves e-commerce businesses of the many challenges often associated with the critical steps from when a purchase is made to where, when, and how it ships and is accounted for. ShippingEasy does for online merchants what a successful online shopping experience does for consumers -- streamlines the steps in favor of an outcome. That means orders in a box and out the door the same day. ShippingEasy offers full automation with AutoShip and robust tools such as shipping rules, a product catalog, endless customization and enhanced reporting. ShippingEasy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of (NASDAQ: STMP). For more information, visit

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