June 23, 2008 12:54 ET

SHL Announces Results of 2008 Client Survey

Product Usefulness and Customer Service Cited as "Excellent"

PRINCETON, NJ--(Marketwire - June 23, 2008) - SHL, a world-leading provider of objective employment assessment and development solutions, today announced the results of its 2008 Client Feedback Survey. More than 100 SHL clients, including CEOs, HR managers, recruiters and consultants, responded to the survey, which was distributed via e-mail.

"Hiring top talent" was identified as the number one HR issue across all surveyed organizations, with internal development, leadership development, retaining staff, succession planning, and identifying and nurturing talented people following closely behind. By providing objective assessment solutions, SHL gives companies the tools and techniques required to land and retain top talent.

Survey respondents indicated that SHL's product usefulness and delivery were "excellent," while SHL's software scored an average of "good," which included ranking the effectiveness of SHL's Internet software and PC software, as well as the resolution of software-related issues. Notifying customers of new products scored an "excellent" rating on average.

SHL's consulting services, which are available in 40 countries covering 30 languages, received "excellent" ratings in the areas of quality of service, project closure (how effectively SHL consultants completed a project), and overall usefulness of the consulting intervention to an organization.

In the operational areas of SHL, there was an equal split between "excellent" and "good." Feedback in the areas of invoicing and statement processing, as well as customer notification of new products, indicated room for improvement, which SHL plans to address.

"Hearing from our customers on a regular basis enables us to continually improve our processes and solutions in meaningful ways," stated Dr. Hennie Kriek, president, Americas, SHL. "While we enjoy receiving positive comments, it is the constructive feedback from our clients that enables us to improve upon our performance and ultimately meet their business and recruiting needs."

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