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June 30, 2005 09:13 ET

ShockRounds - Less Lethal Prototype Success

SANTA CLARA, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 30, 2005 -- MDM Group, Inc. (OTC: MDDM) advises that its Australian listed subsidiary, Harrington Group Limited (OTC: HGRLF) or Australian Exchange (ASX: HGR), earlier today advised the Australian Stock Exchange and media of its successful firing of the ShockRounds™ "electric" bullet prototypes that were repeatedly fired from a 37mm Federal Labs firearm.

This breakthrough testing is the first time in the world that wireless electrically charged bullets have been fired from a standard issue firearm

The Harrington Group Press Release and also the Media Release can be accessed at under News. The Press Release advises:

Harrington Group Limited is pleased to advise of the successful demonstration of its less-lethal ShockRounds™ prototype "electric bullet" following the firing of multiple rounds from a standard police issue 37mm firearm. As well as establishing the functionality of the ShockRounds™ Electro-Kinetic bullets, the demonstration also confirms that they can readily be fired from standard issue 37mm smoothebore firearms from Federal Ordnance, Arwen, Defense Technology and H&K.

The successful testing of the EK100 series of the ShockRounds™ Electro-Kinetic 37mm rounds took place at the Tucson Laboratory from 17 June to 21 June, 2005. The Electro-Kinetic (EK) series of ShockRounds™ less-lethal impact rounds is a hybrid kinetic/impact munition with a Piezo-ceramic element designed to provide increased effectiveness to officers in handling crowd disturbances at distance.

Multiple tests were performed using fully functional EK prototype rounds fired from a smoothbore police issue 37mm firearm in order to verify the ShockRounds™ Electro-Kinetic projectile's aerodynamic and ballistic characteristics during flight. Projectile orientation, propellant charge, gas checks and drag stabilisation were also evaluated, modified and then successfully tested throughout a range of distances and velocities. The prototype firings generated invaluable data that will be incorporated in the next series of ShockRounds™ Electro-Kinetic projectile tests.

The EK100 series ShockRounds™ projectiles utilise a mass striker assembly that is centered in the bore of the projectile with a piezoelectric element in the nose of the round. Upon impact the striker system allows EK100 series projectiles to harvest the maximum voltage from the kinetic impact on the piezoelectric ceramic element with little influence from the target material.

In addition to the launcher test firings, a series of over 120 separate static tests were made of different mass weight/striker combinations of the Electro-Kinetic ShockRounds™. The results of the static tests are being reduced to a statistical model to be used for further design modeling of piezoelectric materials and energisation performance in future ShockRounds™ production.

Harrington Group director and COO, Taylor Fogelquist, and Dr Allen Bain of the Company's Scientific Advisory Board were present during the course of all final EK100 testing.

The successful conclusion of this test series has proved the functionality of the initial ShockRounds™ design and more importantly proved that ShockRounds™ enabled ammunition can be fired and generate a charge from a standard issue firearm.

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