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October 04, 2012 10:00 ET

ShopIgniter Announces Igniter 4.0, the First Social Media Marketing Suite for Product Promotion and Commerce

Igniter 4.0 Activates Passionate Social Media Fans, Driving Product Discovery, Engagement and Purchase Intent for Leading Brands

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - Oct 4, 2012) - Empowering brands to promote and sell products using social media, ShopIgniter today announced the latest version of its flagship product, Igniter 4.0. The first social media marketing suite for product promotion and commerce, Igniter 4.0 is purpose-built to help brands drive social product discovery, engagement, amplification and conversion.

"Brands and retailers are frustrated because they haven't been able to create a repeatable path to social conversion and yet there is building pressure to do so," said Mary Wardley, Program VP, CRM and Enterprise Applications, IDC. "A new approach that addresses the missing steps between discovering a product in social and taking action on that discovery is required and is being addressed by a new class of solutions that will bring with them the next wave of social media marketing."

Igniter 4.0 Empowers Marketers to Drive Social Product ROI
With Igniter 4.0, brands can now create social product experiences that define a repeatable customer path to product engagement, consideration and decision. Social product experiences earn attention through rich posts; engage customers through voting, commenting, and curating; amplify user's voices through sharing of content; and convert to a defined outcome -- whether that be collecting an email address, generating a share, or enabling a purchase.

"Igniter 4.0 gives brands and retailers the recipe and ingredients to create social product experiences that close the gap between discovery and purchase decision," said Matt Compton, ShopIgniter CEO. "Over the last 15 years, digital marketers have built a web presence optimized around the conversion of clearly declared consumer purchase intent. This worked well for traditional search traffic, but now the majority of online engagement occurs in social channels. Marketers need a new set of tools and online assets to guide that social-mobile customer from simple awareness to product discovery and purchase intent. Igniter 4.0 is the only social media marketing suite built specifically for the new social path to purchase."

"Razorfish is focused on leveraging the best technologies and partners to deliver engaging consumer experiences across digital channels," said Jeff Lanctot, Chief Media Officer at Razorfish. "Making those experiences dynamic and relevant for consumers is critical to delivering client results, which is why I am so impressed by the innovation in Igniter 4.0. By looking at social engagement through a product marketing lens, ShopIgniter is clearly focused on delivering results. I'm looking forward to working with them to redefine how brands engage with social customers."

The Igniter 4.0 Suite
The Igniter 4.0 foundation includes enterprise scalability, PCI Level 1 security and flexible integration. Built on top of this architecture are four components: Promoter, Studio, Converter and Analyzer.

  • Promoter is a rich product posting tool that allows marketers to craft highly engaging posts in Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • Studio is a campaign management toolset that enables marketers to easily create and publish social product experiences that live as web apps in the Facebook Timeline, microsites and on the mobile web.
  • Converter is a toolset that manages Facebook Allows, email collection, offer presentation, loyalty opt-in, shopping carts and wish lists to deliver ready-to-buy customers to existing eCommerce sites for checkout.
  • Analyzer is an end-to-end analytics tool that tracks reach, engagement, amplification, referrals and conversion across multiple social networks for social product campaigns, enabling marketers to quickly prove and improve performance.

Marketers who sell directly to customers need new solutions to drive sustained returns across their seasonal and brand calendars in repeatable and cost-effective ways. As a result, Igniter 4.0 is purpose-built to align marketers' objectives with the social-mobile customer journey.

According to Brian Solis, Principal Analyst at Altimeter Group, in an April 2012 article, The rise of Generation-C... and what to do about it, "To activate social commerce requires that you define an experience around the transaction where the outcome is of course the sale, but the journey is in its own way engaging and fulfilling. Here you must define a click path from a social network to a destination that facilitates a transaction but is also in alignment with the expectations of a social consumer. And nothing in your arsenal today, not even social networks, will have an impact with them unless you can design a complete end-to-end experience that captivates and guides them to a mutually beneficial result."

Igniter 4.0 Rich Product Posts
Igniter 4.0 introduces Promoter, the first rich product posting tool designed specifically to empower marketers to promote their products in social media feeds, including:

  • Facebook: Create and schedule beautiful albums and rich in-stream posts.
  • Twitter: Create, schedule, and watermark product tweets using the latest Twitter Cards API to include product images, video and copy.
  • Pinterest: Create custom pins using product imagery and video. Easily add a logo watermark to make sure searchers and followers know they've found the official products and automatically include trackable URLS to enable reporting.

Igniter 4.0 Social Product Experiences
ShopIgniter social product experiences are tuned to the unique social-mobile customer journey, supporting all parts of the social funnel. Experiences are built on three core templates: Spotlights, Showcases, and Storefronts that can be configured and customized.

  • Spotlights: Focus on product discovery by aggregating and amplifying rich product content from both the brand and social audiences.
  • Showcases: Focus on product engagement by presenting a collection of products in a way that guides deeper product exploration and consideration. Showcases also enable sharing and amplification back into users' streams.
  • Storefronts: Focus on direct conversion of avid fans, highlighting products that consumers want to purchase directly within social. Storefronts are most effective when they include special or exclusive products and collections and are time-limited.

These Social Product Experiences are at the heart of Igniter 4.0 and combine with the other components of the suite to create a customizable, repeatable solution for promoting and selling products using social media.

ShopIgniter Services
ShopIgniter combines strategic services with its Igniter 4.0 foundation to help brands achieve their social media and digital marketing goals. These services include strategy, design, production, integration, and management of Igniter 4.0. ShopIgniter's deep expertise is the perfect pairing to help brands achieve flexible, repeatable social mobile product campaigns that meet the quality standards of even the most demanding brands.

About ShopIgniter
ShopIgniter enables brands and retailers to promote and sell products using social media. Industry leaders use ShopIgniter's purpose-built solution to create, manage, and measure highly engaging product posts and experiences that drive discovery, amplification and conversion via social and mobile channels. ShopIgniter delivers measurable ROI through customer acquisition, product engagement, and purchase intent across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others. Founded in 2009, ShopIgniter is proud to be headquartered in Portland, OR.

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