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August 12, 2013 09:00 ET

Shopping Will Never Be the Same -- A Sneak Peek at What Many Insiders Are Calling the App That Will Change the Way You Shop Using a Smartphone

Can an App Truly Change the Game, as We Know It? A Sneak Peek at Siney Creative's Mobile Commerce App That Has the Street Buzzing

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - August 12, 2013) - (The Underground Tech Report) It's no secret that the most coveted and sought after segment of the smartphone industry is the mobile commerce market. To the players and dreamers, to have a small stake in this market is the equivalence of winning a World Cup. It is also without doubt, that this summer's most talked about buzz among the true underground techies is Siney Creative's revolutionary shopping app. Now I, like most consumers, find myself having so much hope and anticipation for a new app that promises to change my life. But, with most apps, we soon find out that it was all marketing hype. Not even worthy of street buzz.

So, as you might imagine, I was very curious when I got a chance, through a mutual friend, to view their app on a telephone conference a week ago. After viewing and walking through a live demo I only have one word. Wow. Occasionally you find a new app that taps into a truly incredible simplistic idea that has never been tried before and this is that app. Using the Power of the Consumer as a motivating theme, this app crushes any other shopping app we've ever seen on either mobile smartphone platform. So even though the official beta launch is still weeks away, I wanted to be on the record for giving this app a much deserved Street Buzz 5. There is no doubt in our mind that once the public gets their hands on this app, it will live up to the hype the industry insiders are giving it. As to be expected, the guys at Siney Creative are extremely excited over the response from focus groups and their peers. When I spoke to Miami, the CEO of Siney Creative, he stated that it was an exciting time in the young startup's history, but he wanted to downplay the value that people are giving his mobile commerce app just a little. Well, I won't.

The buzz is not only about the market share and effectiveness of an app like this, but also that about the potential revenue that Siney Creative could potentially earn. To the not so in tuned, let me explain. The mobile commerce market is exploding. With more and more people getting their hands on the devices, 235 million to be exact, users are spending an increased amount of time browsing and even more time making purchases with a smartphone. Recent data shows that 29% of U.S. mobile users used their smartphone to make a purchase and another report by Bank of America anticipates that there will be $67 billion in revenue from smartphone and tablet retail purchasing by U.S. and European shoppers by 2015. With those numbers in mind, Siney Creative's new app could capture 20-30% of the mobile commerce market in their first couple of years. That's enough money to make any tech naysayer's ears buzz.

Their first beta release will be for both the iPhone and Android market and will allow users to control their shopping craves via their smartphone devices. I as well as others, look forward to reviewing the beta version for our readers, But for now, the street buzz will have to do.

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