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January 27, 2011 13:46 ET

ShortLinks Pioneering the Next Golf Revolution

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwire - January 27, 2011) - Touted as the "Savior Venue" for a declining golf industry, ShortLinks golf is a Destination Stop site that is architecting a modern day golf revolution by offering short play courses that embody the most desirable facets of tradition golf course play with an emphasis on beginning golfer play.

The current golf dilemma is that the industry simply has failed to accommodate new golfers or attract them to the game because the existing framework is not really setup to do so. The courses tend to be too long, golf lessons are too costly and most people don't have the spare time to play a full 18-hole traditional golf course. Nor do they often have the feasible funds to spend on costly course fees and memberships or golfing equipment.

For the millions of neighborhood kids around the world that wish to take part in league activities, and for the millions of women who have been dissuaded by golf's large appeal to men, as well as for the many families that are seeking a truly enticing form of recreation to enjoy together, ShortLinks Golf offers them a way to experience real golf play on a shortened course that takes up far less time to complete a game, while enjoying family togetherness and fun.

Since most golf courses are not equipped to accommodate large groups of youths running around on their greens and fairways, not to mention that long course play can be very time consuming, ShortLinks Golf enables them to take part in and enjoy learning and growing in the wonderful game of golf. It's a youth sports market that easily tops 10-million kids in the US alone. And ShortLinks Golf provides these kids -- and their families, as well as newcomers to the game and seasoned players -- with an ongoing opportunity to reshape their experience with learning and nurturing, found both in golf course play and in life skills.

The ShortLinks Golf Destination Stop site offers well designed par 72 courses, with par 3, par 4 and par 5-hole play while indoors on a shortened and safe golf course within an 8-acre site that features two 18-hole courses. The courses are challenging and accommodate competitive play, and at the same time they are fun and promote swift flow-of-play for all skill levels. They feature intricately designed and authentic shots that span from 15 feet to no farther than 125 yards, with a dome height clearance of 90 feet. ShortLinks Golf provides genuine golf played using authentic balls and clubs on a state-of-the-art artificial turf system that provides USGA-quality greens with hitting surfaces that allow for the taking of a divot, offering a very real course experience for both seasoned, intermediate and novice players.

Albert Murdock, former President of Southwest PGA Section, and current Training Instructor, agrees that this is a very attractive way to entice newcomers to the game. "I've been looking for a program like this for a long time that is ideal for teaching beginners the game of golf," he says. "I want to be directly involved with this."

The appeal of this concept stretches far beyond the US, according to John Cobb, Go Golf Holdings, London, and a prominent EU Youth Sports Committee Member, "I can easily see putting six of these facilities in the U.K.," he says.

Hak Kim of SMC International, a South Korean business broker, echoes the same remarks, "When you have a site up and performing according to your business plan, I can put 10 of these in Korea."

ShortLinks Golf courses are "green" courses that don't use any chemicals and that do not require any course watering. Additionally, they are constructed using energy efficient solar units on the hard roof structures.

Currently the company has been receiving inquiries from investors who have visions that span outside-of-the-box, and who want to be part of a life-changing movement in golf and entertainment; those who are prepared to handle being known as the 'saviors of the golf industry' through the ShortLinks 'Golf Revolution.' The investors must be capable and prepared for global expansion, and the fame that comes with being the owners of what has the potential to be the Sports & Entertainment Industry's 'Innovative Company of the Decade' (2011 - 2020).

For more information on how you can become a part of the life-changing ShortLinks Golf Revolution, please contact: UGA Officers at (602) 502-8599. Please visit their website at Or email them at:

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