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February 11, 2010 09:17 ET

Shorty Awards Announce Twitter Finalists and Category Sponsors

"Oscars of Twitter" Narrows Down Twitter Users in 26 Categories

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - February 11, 2010) - Over 250,000 nominations have been tweeted for The Shorty Awards to determine the six finalists in each of the 26 official categories. The winners will be announced on March 3, 2010 at the TheTimesCenter in The New York Times Building, thanks to support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

The Shorty Awards has partnered with sponsors including PepsiCo for the Innovation category, Marketwire for the Journalist category and Porter Novelli for the Advertising category.

Some notable finalists include Haiti resident and TV presenter Carel Pedre @carelpedre, actor Steven Fry @stevenfry, Grammy Award-winning Brazilian singer Ivete Sangalo @ivetesangalo, personal finance TV host and author Suze Orman @SuzeOrmanShow, actor and comedian Marlon Waynes @marlonwayans and MythBuster co-host Adam Savage @donttrythis. Notable organizations that are finalists include NASA @NASA, Whole Foods @WholeFoods and Sesame Street @sesamestreet.

"This year's diverse group of finalists shows the global impact Twitter users are having across all topics of media," said Gregory Galant, the CEO of Sawhorse Media, which created the Shorty Awards.

The Real-Time Academy of Short Form Arts & Sciences, comprised of leaders in technology, journalism, business and culture, will determine the winners from among the finalists:

Advertising: Frank Adman @FrankAdman, Dave Saunders @madmain, Amy Lupold Bair @ResourcefulMom, iwearyourshirt @iwearyourshirt, Aimee Woodall @aimeewoodall, Ad Broad @adbroad

Apps: HootSuite @HootSuite, mr. unfollowr @unfollowr, COLOURlovers @colourlovers, TweetDeck @TweetDeck, MailChimp @MailChimp, AggreTweet @AggreTweet

Art: Lar deSouza @lartist, deviantART @deviantART, BZTAT @BZTAT, Jaime @wojo4hitz, BROOKLYNNNNNN! @artsySFvibe, Johanna Harness @johannaharness

Brand: Whole Foods Market @WholeFoods, Austin Prime @AustinPrime, Sesame Street @sesamestreet, aussieBum @aussieBum, Anne Agoren @izzibag, Marvel Entertainment @Marvel

Celebrity: Ivete Sangalo @ivetesangalo, Nathan Fillion @NathanFillion, Claudia Leitte @ClaudiaLeitte, Angel Locsin @143redangel, Stephen Fry @stephenfry, David Hewlett @dhewlett

Cultural Institution: Jonah Holland @lewisginter, Phoenix Zoo @PhoenixZoo, RSC @TheRSC, Editora Novitas @Editoranovitas, Reduced Shakespeare @reduced, Poetry Society @Poetry_Society

Customer Service: thinkgeek @thinkgeek, Team McLaren @McLaren_eShop, ComcastBonnie @ComcastBonnie, Shani Sammons @ShaniSammons, Mike Johansson @mikefixs, rogersmithhotel @RSHotel

Design: Smashing Magazine @smashingmag, lasertron @lasertron, Joshua Davis @JoshuaDavis, designerscouch @designerscouch, CLOCK WORK CROS @BlingCrosby, iD3sign & Co. @iD3SIGNandCo

Entertainment: MythBusters Official @MythBusters, Richard Castle @WriteRCastle, TrueBloodHBO @TrueBloodHBO, Castle @CastleTV, Unofficial M.E. @UnofficialME, Foforks @foforks

Finance: Suze Orman @SuzeOrmanShow, The Dave Ramsey Show @ramseyshow, @mint, Ashraf Laidi @alaidi, Rob Garcia @robgarciasj, bullsonwallstreet @bullsonwallst

Food: Rick Bayless @Rick_Bayless, Tyler Florence @TylerFlorence, Florentina @CiaoFlorentina, Foodimentary @Foodimentary, NoReservations @NoReservations, Amy Cao @amyblogschow

Government: NASA @NASA, Virginia State Parks @VAStateParks, Cory Booker @CoryBooker, NavyNews @NavyNews, U.S. Marines @USMC, Israel Los Angeles @IsraelLA

Health: Dr Rachael Dunlop @DrRachie, Dr. Mercola @mercola, Rebecca Joyce @bubblybex, Kevin Gianni @kevingianni, a diabetes community @tudiabetes, kristinebrite @kristinebrite

Humor: marlon wayans @MARLONLWAYANS, lil duval @lilduval, David Thorne @27bslash6, Mrs Stephen Fry @MrsStephenFry, Paula Poundstone @paulapoundstone, Kingsley @kingsleyyy

Innovation: Artfire @Artfire, Betty Draper @bettydraper, Dan Zarrella @danzarrella, Carel Pedre @carelpedre, LAGenX @LAGenX, iDUMP4U® Official @iDUMP4U

Journalist: William Bonner @realwbonner, jeremy scahill @jeremyscahill, Rachel Maddow MSNBC @maddow, Daniel Razon @DanielRazon, Dan Matteush @Matteush, Steven Ertelt @StevenErtelt

Literature: Neil Gaiman @neilhimself, Arjun Basu @arjunbasu, Rebecca Woodhead @rebeccawoodhead, Warren Ellis @warrenellis, Sherrilyn Kenyon @kenyonsherrilyn, David Thorne @27bslash6

Music: Hayley Williams @yelyahwilliams, Ivete Sangalo @ivetesangalo, Theodore F. Leo @tedleo, Justin Bieber @justinbieber, Britney Spears @britneyspears, MC Frontalot @mc_frontalot

News: Lei Seca RJ @LeiSecaRJ, The Diane Rehm Show @drshow, The Coast Halifax @TwitCoast, SocialBlade @socialblade, Dino DeMilio @dino101, Capitol Circle @CapitolCircle

Nonprofit: TWLOHA @TWLOHA, Frugal Dougal @frugaldougal, Shaun King @ShaunKing, Alex's Lemonade @AlexsLemonade, The Trevor Project @TrevorProject, PETA @peta

Politics: Ali Abunimah @avinunu, David @JIDF, RayBeckerman @RayBeckerman, Políticos do Brasil @Twiticos, The Nation @thenation, Matt Laslo @MattLaslo

Science: Adam Savage @donttrythis, Twisst ISS alerts @twisst, Spirit and Oppy @MarsRovers, Grant Imahara @grantimahara, Newbury Astronomy @NewburyAS, Jen Scheer @flyingjenny

Sports: Liverpool Supporters @empireofthekop, São Paulo FC @spfc, Bill Simmons @sportsguy33, Arthur Muhlenberg @urublog, San Francisco 49ers @SF_49ers, Flamengo @CR_Flamengo

Tech: SoldierKnowsBest @SoldierKnowBest, Jon Rettinger @Jon4Lakers, MakeUseOf @MakeUseOf, Itsmemorphious @itsmemorphious, Thorsten Zoerner @zoernert, Mitsuteru Nishio @Mite_Nishio

Travel: Richmond Airport RIC @Flack4RIC, twitchhiker @twitchhiker, Lucy Izon / Canada @CanadaCool, NewYorkology @NewYorkology, @cruisesource, Julia Dimon @juliadimon

Weird: David McDonald @rfeastsidedave, The Llama @DoWhatITellYou, Osama Ben Marvin @benmarvin, gabfrab @gabfrab, Page Not Found @BlogPageNFound, alex kapranos @alkapranos

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About the Real-Time Academy of Short Form Arts and Science

The Real-Time Academy of Short Form Arts & Sciences, comprised of leaders in technology, journalism, business and culture, will play a role in choosing the winners from the groups of finalists. The group includes Knight Foundation President and CEO Alberto Ibargüen, novelist and public radio host Kurt Andersen, Flickr cofounder Caterina Fake, entertainer MC Hammer, Creative Commons CEO Joi Ito, actress Alyssa Milano, MIT Media Lab Director Frank Moss, Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, New York Times columnist David Pogue, Columbia Journalism School Dean of Student Affairs Sree Sreenivasan and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales. For more, visit

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