February 11, 2011 08:40 ET

Show Your Loved One How Much You 'App'-reciate Them

Re-Ignite the Fire This Valentine's With Latest Free Facebook App Launch From PhotoBox

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Feb. 11, 2011) -

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Following evidence from studies into the psychology of attraction which show photos can 're-light' the fire when it comes to romance, today sees the launch of a free app that helps you do just that.

'Love is in the app' is the perfect way to woo any partner this Feb 14th. This clever Facebook app from PhotoBox, the UK's favorite destination for photo printing, sharing and photobooking, uncovers couples' most romantic, forgotten moments; letting them re-live their passion and fall in love all over again.

After pulling all your Facebook photos together from your personal albums plus any snaps you're tagged in; it then asks four amorous and thought provoking questions. Your photos scroll past in kitsch real-life scenarios – frames on a mantelpiece to scattered polaroids amid coffee cups on your work desk – whilst you choose the photographic answer to each of the following; "Choose a photo of your favourite place", "…a photo that makes you feel fuzzy", "…a photo that makes your smile", "…of the thing you love most".

Then watch as your romantic memories appear in a stylish photo montage in front of your eyes, with a variety of loved up backgrounds to choose from. Then the easy bit; simply email this heartfelt snapshot to the one you love to deliver smitten smiles every time.

The app was developed following research which showed that visual stimuli – such as photographs, letters or loving keepsakes – can be used to re-awaken and re-establish past loving feelings. Dr. Angela Rowe a Professor of Psychology at Bristol University who's investigated past relationship and attraction studies[1] commented on this past research: "By looking at meaningful objects you can re-activate the memory linked to that object and effectively re-live that feeling." She added: "Such techniques are sometimes used in relationship counseling, where couples are invited to share old memories of better times. This has been shown to open up dialogue between couples, and allow them to share their views on how and why things have changed and their loving feelings may have changed since they first met."

A UK customer survey [2] conducted by PhotoBox further supported these findings, with 70% agreeing that photos on the walls, photobooks and love letters, have proved vital to maintaining strong relationships that stand the test of time.

Here are three top tips to help ensure you don't lose 'that loving feeling' this Valentine's:

1. Talk about your feelings, not your partner's behaviour – create a safe dialogue by talking about how you feel. This will help your partner empathize with you and stop them feeling attacked or criticized

2. Make time to tell your partner how special he or she is – be as specific about what makes them special and how this makes you love them more. This will help you both become more aware of your partner's wonderful qualities and why you first fell in love

3. Tell your partner how much you love them daily – be creative! Use visual aides such as the 'Love is in the app' at, notes or cute cards. Why not frame one of your favourite photos together as a surprise gift? These personal heartfelt gestures, which cost little but are genuine will serve to reinforce your bond

Notes to editors

[1] Carnelley & Rowe, 2007; Milulincer et al., 2001; Rowe & Carnelley, 2003

[2] PhotoBox survey 2010, 500 respondents

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PhotoBox is the leading online photo service in the UK where it pioneered online printing, storing, sharing, community and publishing services for digital photos before extending its range to innovative products such as photo books, calendars, and greeting cards. Merging with leading French service Photoways in April 2006 to create Europe's market leader, PhotoBox now boasts over 11million members and nearly 200million photo prints and has won more awards than any other online photo printing website with the latest including Which? Magazine's Best Buy and Gartner's CRM Excellence Award.

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