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November 15, 2011 05:30 ET

Shredded Suit™ Opens Doors for Confidential Document Shredding

Press Release from Lancashire Confidential Shredding. A creative way to stimulate business growth.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Nov. 15, 2011) -

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A Lancashire firm, Lancashire Confidential Shredding, has an innovative, yet simple, way of meeting new customers. They wear a Shredded Suit™! The specially made shredded suit not only gets intrigue going but also helps them be remembered.

It all started when Shane Siggins was brought on board to help develop their business. Shane started cold calling on businesses and found that often the office managers were too busy to see him. So he had the shredded suit made. The result, what used to be a frosty welcome was now a light hearted reception as the office manager had a laugh at the efforts made. Not only that, but the follow-up call was much easier, as he was always remembered.... well not him but the Shredded Suit™.

"I had such a laugh when I saw Shane as I had shredded my ex husband's suits.. only my ex didn't ever wear them again! We're now using this company for our shredding and are very happy with the service" explains Karen Bentham, ticket manager at Preston North End Football Club.

"It may feel like a recession for many businesses. When money gets tight businesses want to save on their bottom line and we, in many cases, can significantly reduce their shredding costs", explains Shane Siggins. "Having the actual suit made was probably the hardest thing as the local seamstress was reluctant to shred a perfectly good suit... in fact she suggested I shred a cheap one first to see if the concept worked.. so I did and the rest is history".

Shane explains "Wherever I go, when wearing the suit, I'm always being asked 'What's with the suit?' Introductions don't get much easier than that. I'm really happy as the crew at LCS are lovely people and it's good to see things expanding nicely here."

It just goes to show that 'thinking out of the box' can yield great results. Even though the economy may have stalled we just need to get creative again.

Shredded Suit™ is the operating trade mark of Lancashire Confidential Shredding.

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