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Voyomotive, LLC

May 18, 2016 12:33 ET

Shut Down High-Tech Car Thieves With Voyo's LOCKDOWN

Voyomotive's New Plug and Play Connected Car Technology Keeps Your Car Safe Against the Latest Car Hacking Methods Thanks to Its Two-Factor Authentication App and Offers a Host of Additional Features Including a Fuel-Saving Start-Stop System, Lock/Unlock From a Smart Phone, Vehicle Tracking for Parents and Fleet Owners, and More

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - May 18, 2016) - Voyomotive, LLC, engineers of the world's most advanced connected car technology, has developed a new application to combat the growing problem of electronic vehicle break-ins and theft. Called "LOCKDOWN," the app will be released as an add-on to VOYO's Premium Pack services. LOCKDOWN operates using the VOYO Controller and Relay and adds an additional layer of vehicle security to that provided by OEM's and other aftermarket systems.

As new technology like passive keyless entry and ignition become increasingly commonplace on modern vehicles, criminals have gone equally as high-tech, developing new tools to gain entry into vehicles and, in some cases, steal them. Industry researchers believe that multiple hacking methods are currently being employed by thieves including key fob signal jammers that prevent doors from locking, signal intercept devices that capture and replay an unlock code, and power amplifiers that detect and relay the signal from a keyless FOB from a distance. All of these hacking devices grant ready entry into a vehicle without setting off its alarm. Once inside, a thief can sometimes engage a keyless ignition system or reprogram the vehicle to accept a new key and drive off within two minutes. Currently, vehicle manufacturers do not have a solution to prevent this type of intrusion.

"The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) was the first to alert the public to the potential danger posed by new technology allowing thieves to unlock vehicles with what have come to be known as mystery devices," said NICB Chief Operating Officer Jim Schweitzer. "Despite significant progress by manufacturers over the past two decades in anti-theft technology, we know that thieves are always busy trying to develop new ways to thwart those systems. It is important that owners have options available to protect their vehicles and we encourage efforts to provide reasonable and reliable alternatives for the consumer."

Voyomotive has developed a new security application as part of the VOYO connected car device designed to combat these new methods of vehicle hacking. The LOCKDOWN app, which is included in the $30 per year Premium Services pack, connects the user's cell phone wirelessly with the VOYO Controller and an optional VOYO Relay to add an additional layer of security to vehicles built since 1996 or newer. The Two-Factor Authentication of the LOCKDOWN app requires an authorized cell phone to be present and connected to VOYO via Bluetooth to disarm the LOCKDOWN app and permit an engine start.

"LOCKDOWN transforms an otherwise simple, stealth attack into a 3-ring circus by drawing attention to the vehicle and enabling new security measures" said Peter Yorke, CEO of Voyomotive. "If a thief attempts to enter a car, LOCKDOWN will blare the car horn and flash the lights. Once the hacker unlocks the doors, the app repeatedly relocks the doors. If the thief does gain entry into the vehicle, LOCKDOWN prevents an engine start even if a blank key has been reprogrammed or by attempting to use a keyless ignition."

Not only does LOCKDOWN work against car hackers, but it will also stop the unauthorized use of a vehicle even if someone has the keys.

The VOYO connected car device begins shipping to customers at the end of May and the optional relays will be available in June. VOYO offers a number of features controlled from the cell phone app including door lock and unlock, vehicle immobilization, vehicle tracking, as well as reporting on driver behavior and vehicle diagnostics. The LOCKDOWN app will be released in the 3rd quarter of 2016. For more information about VOYO, visit

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