Kibboko, Inc.

Kibboko, Inc.

April 14, 2011 08:00 ET Announces First Major Update

Introduces Advertising Dashboards and Exciting New Features

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - April 14, 2011) - Kibboko, Inc. today announced the latest additions to, the company's new consumer service. is a consumer website where users can win fun prizes by sharing ad links with friends and followers on social networks. The shared links are provided by Shweet advertisers who are trying to get their message to go viral.

This latest update has features that benefit user and advertiser. The major new feature for advertisers is the new Contest Dashboard. The Contest Dashboard shows the number of shweets the contest runs, how many clickthroughs have been generated to the shared link, the projected number of clickthroughs to be reached by the time the contest closes and exactly how many people were potentially exposed to the advertiser's message. is marking a new frontier in openness about ad results. "We don't know of any other company in the advertising or publishing world that displays all its important advertiser results in real-time for current and prospective advertisers," said Keith Bates, founder and CEO of Kibboko.

Other features added to include a sharing limit of five contests per day, an update to the Shweet Bar and the option to personalize the Shweet message shared with the link.

To enjoy these new features, visit:

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Kibboko connects people with products, brands and content in an exciting and enjoyable way. Shweet™ is Kibboko's newest patent pending service. Kibboko has served over 30 million unique visitors, and its products have loaded on over 150 million web pages. The company has filed nine patents covering its technologies and designs.

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