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February 16, 2016 05:00 ET

SI Restoration Helping With Winter Water Damage

Providing Water Damage Restoration Services to Maryland and Washington, DC

BALTIMORE, MD and WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwired - February 16, 2016) - Though there was a late start to the winter weather, the conditions have been brutal. With bitter cold temperatures and threatening icy and snowy conditions, the weather is not the only thing giving people goosebumps and shivers. Winter conditions can be intimidating, as most people wish to avoid being exposed to the arctic chills, but these conditions affect more than just people themselves. Properties may be having a difficult time facing the cold as well. Pipes freeze and burst and other frozen water damage dilemmas occur as a result of the winter weather, and emergency assistance may be required to repair such damages before they escalate. SI Restoration is helping the Maryland and Washington, DC area to combat winter water damage with water damage restoration services.

Broken pipes are one of the leading causes of water damage during the winter time. Frozen pipes put a home at risk for pipe bursts, flooding, and water damage. If this occurs, it is crucial to call an emergency water damage company right away to prevent further issues. SI Restoration is providing emergency services in order to assist with water damage situations and minimize the chance of deteriorating conditions. Water damage, if improperly treated, can result in additional issues such as mold, and SI Restoration recognizes the dangers involved. The skilled technicians are available to help with water damage removal and ensure that the property is safe.

Snow and ice are also an issue. When it snows, snow damage can be a possibility. If snow covers roofs and the temperatures are sufficient enough, the snow could actually cause water damage and possibly even structural damage with the combination of a weakened structure and weight of the snow. Snow is also a problem when the temperatures rise and it melts because the excess water also contributes to water damage and can freeze again causing additional problems that can affect gutters, basements, and other parts of the property. SI Restoration services are able to assist with damages that occur due to the snow and ice, and the crew is able to quickly arrive on the scene to restore the damaged area and minimize the discomfort experienced in such emergency situations.

This winter, SI Restoration's trained, certified SI Restoration staff is available to amply assist with water restoration needs. Water damage does not limit the times it can occur so SI Restoration does not limit the available hours. If there is an emergency water damage situation anywhere in the state of Maryland or Washington, DC, SI Restoration is on call 24/7.

SI Restoration recognizes that water damage will accompany the freezing weather that has been hitting the Maryland/DC area, and extends a helping hand to assist with water damage restoration needs. As a full service restoration company, SI Restoration is reaching out this winter to help Maryland and Washington, DC combat the weather and the property damages that may accompany the already harsh conditions.

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