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February 22, 2012 20:27 ET

Sick and Tired of Plastic Hockey Tape? Now There's a Far Better Alternative!

LONDON, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 22, 2012) -

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Henry Verbakel believes there's good reason for plastic hockey tape to soon be rendered obsolete. He has invented Sock Trap, a clever new product that replaces plastic hockey tape and holds players' socks and shin guards in place.

Sock Trap is a 2.5cm-wide loop consisting of a section of Velcro® attached to a section of elastic strap material. It is removable, but it's meant to stay on the hockey sock even when the socks are removed after a game. The Velcro® allows Sock Trap to stick to the sock and the elastic helps it hold the sock up, all without the need of non-recyclable tape.

Mr. Verbakel is a long-time hockey player and hockey parent who used plastic tape for many years, but he has always insisted there must be a better alternative. In designing Sock Trap, his aim was threefold: to allow for hockey players to save time, save money, and the save the environment.

Though little attention is paid to the environmental impact of producing, packaging, and disposing of plastic hockey tape, it's an issue that merits attention; and the beauty of Sock Trap is that it means less plastic tape will end up in landfills. Because it does not require reapplication every time it's used, Sock Trap allows players to save their time as well. Finally, over months and years, the cost of buying many rolls of tape adds up. And who wouldn't be interested in lowering the already-considerable cost of playing ice hockey?

Sock Trap is a simple idea but one that is long overdue. It is quickly becoming popular with young and old hockey players alike.

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