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September 15, 2016 09:30 ET

Sightline Innovation Announces Launch of SceneScope and SightScope Sensors, Set to Disrupt Manufacturing and Construction Industries

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - September 15, 2016) - Sightline Innovation's Photonics Laboratory is pleased to announce that it is ready to take orders for its revolutionary SceneScope and SightScope advanced sensor products, offering manufacturing and construction firms a significant leap in quality control capability.

SightScope and SceneScope are the latest additions to Sightline's qcVerify Autonomous Quality Control software platform, providing integrated hardware sensors that combine machine learning, embedded computing and photonic sensors and deliver Industry 4.0 capabilities to any industrial operation. Both sensors enjoy a crucial competitive edge in the form of their Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) microprocessors, which are not only faster, cheaper and more efficient than other chips, they can be reconfigured for any use, making them uniquely flexible. The FPGA delivers the most powerful embedded computing solution available, providing the best link between the sensors and qcVerify's artificial intelligence software.

SightScope is an autonomous sensor for industrial surface inspection powered by the integration of advanced photonics technology, machine learning and Industry 4.0 system standards. Based on a medical sensing technology called Optical Coherence Tomography, SightScope creates high-quality 3D images of surfaces to feed Sightline's machine learning software platform. Networked into an array, the system delivers unrivalled performance in paint inspection, weld inspection, glass inspection and much more.


  • Accurate, sensitive real-time image capture with micron-level resolution
  • Scans moving objects in real-time
  • Modular units with multiplexable capabilities
  • Autonomous, decentralized sensing powered by machine learning software
  • Wireless cloud connectivity with embedded FPGA technology

SceneScope is a specialized 3D laser imaging system that is specifically built for image capture to feed autonomous quality control both in factory and construction environments. Accurate to within 1 millimetre, SceneScope scans any surface, including products on an assembly line, wet or dry concrete pours, walls, ceilings and load-bearing structures in real-time, allowing for quick repair before expensive rework is required.

In contrast to traditional laser scanning systems used in industrial surface inspection, SceneScope features:

  • High-quality scanning with rapid data point capture and point cloud formation
  • Incorporation of phase-shift measurement with amplitude modulation to allow for a noise resistant, high-resolution 3D laser scanner
  • Integration with machine learning software
  • Robust platform for denoising of data, improved surface defect detection and greater signal processing abilities on multiple measurement quantities of a multi-sensor system
  • Complete interoperability between units

Additionally, SceneScope and SightScope are capable of working together to assess quality in manufacturing environments. "We initially designed SceneScope for construction quality control but discovered the need to have precise scans of targets to feed into the motion control systems for our in-factory scanning solutions," says Wallace Trenholm, CEO of Sightline. "As it happens, these sensors compliment each other in a very important way to enable full inspection capability on both the macro and micro scale. This capability is unique to Sightline and offers unprecedented quality control potential to manufacturers."

About Sightline Innovation
Sightline Innovation is Canada's largest machine-learning company, focused on delivering integrated photonics and AI solutions to disrupt and optimize legacy quality inspection processes. Sightline currently serves clients in a variety of verticals including automotive, aerospace, construction, consumer goods and healthcare. Together, Sightline Innovation's qcVerify and photonics sensor portfolio pieces form a distributed network of intelligent photonics sensors.

Sightline is headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with offices in Toronto and San Francisco.

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