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January 11, 2017 11:32 ET

Sightline Innovation's Machine-Learning-as-a-Service makes AI Available for any Enterprise

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - January 11, 2017) - Artificial Intelligence (AI) is widely accepted as a revolutionary technology that will transform virtually every industry, but its availability has been restricted to a very exclusive club. High costs and a limited pool of talent have left AI beyond the reach of many enterprises, until now.

Sightline Innovation is proud to introduce Machine-Learning-as-a-Service (, the premiere AI solution for Enterprise. Much in the way that Software-as-a-Service revolutionized the CRM and Enterprise Computing industries, MLaaS is revolutionizing the AI for Enterprise space via ease of use, prodigious computing power and low cost.

For more than five years, Sightline has been applying to a broad array of Enterprise solutions, empowering clients to leverage their data with regard to fraud detection, HIV resistivity, inventory management, logistics and supply chain optimization and defense and security.

"Until now, companies looking to acquire AI capabilities faced the daunting task of hiring a team of PhDs and building capacity from the ground up," says Wallace Trenholm, CEO of Sightline Innovation. " offers a turnkey AI solution for Enterprise featuring a unique combination of data scientist services, hardware/software technology and Machine Learning expertise that can take a company's data and convert it to revenue-generating intelligence in short order. Essentially, clients get PhD functionality without having to hire a PhD." offers the following features for Enterprise:

Deep Learning Models
Build customized Deep Learning models (including Convolutional Neural Networks, Multi-layer Perceptron, Recurrent Neural Networks, Long-short Term Memory and Autoencoders) using a wide range of layers and architectures.

Probabilistic Graphical Models
Build customized directed or undirected graphical model or use MLaaS PGM structure learning feature to discover the underlying structure of your data, allowing you to perform inference and prediction on the learned graphs to better understand your data and do reasoning on new data.

Client-Specific Features allows for rapid development of custom algorithms for clients specific requirements.

Model Discovery
Automatic Model Selection algorithms can explore a wide range of models and parameters and recommend the best configuration for the user.

Parallelization algorithms are designed to be highly parallel and GPU compatible, allowing you to use Sightline's GPU server to benefit from the parallel design of algorithms. is ready to tackle Enterprise applications of all sorts. To learn more about what AI can do for your bottom line, contact Sightline today.

About Sightline
Sightline Innovation is Canada's largest machine-learning company, focused on delivering integrated sensor and AI solutions to disrupt and optimize existing legacy quality inspection processes. Sightline currently serves clients in a variety of verticals including automotive, aerospace, construction, consumer goods and healthcare.

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