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February 14, 2011 09:35 ET

SightLogix Highlights Intelligent Video Security Trailer at the Border Security Expo

Detection Platform Operates With High Accuracy in Border Environments

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - February 14, 2011) - Border security is operationally effective with long-range platforms that can accurately distinguish pedestrian motion from background activity. At the Border Security Expo, SightLogix will highlight the Video Security Trailer (VST), a self-contained rapidly deployable border surveillance system for temporary or long-term perimeter security that is especially applicable to border surveillance applications. SightLogix will also present SightSensor Thermal and Visible Long-Range Outdoor Detection Cameras, which incorporate an imager, lens optics, electronic stabilization, video analytics software, camera control and target tracking inside a ruggedized housing. Also on display is the SightLogix SightTracker, a pan-tilt-zoom controller that automatically steers third-party PTZ cameras to zoom and follow detected targets.

"The Video Security Trailer can play a key role in helping secure critical areas along our nation's border," said John Romanowich, President and CEO, SightLogix. "Our COTS technology can be quickly scaled to large border regions and accurately detect pedestrians while minimizing the nuisance alerts that have rendered other solutions less effective."

At the 5th Annual Border Security Expo in Phoenix, SightLogix (Booth # 637) will be presenting the following products:

Video Surveillance Trailer (VST) -- The SightLogix VST comes equipped with SightSensor detection cameras, electronic pan/tilt positioning units, solar panels, backup batteries, and optional wireless communications. The heavy-duty galvanized system has onboard power generation and works reliably in a wide range of operating environments, including harsh areas along the southern and northern US border. The self-contained rapidly deployable perimeter security solution for temporary or long-term surveillance is designed for high probability of intruder detection with low nuisance alarms in border and perimeter applications.

SightSensor -- Sealed inside a ruggedized NEMA 4X nitrogen-purged housing, each SightSensor camera includes multiple on-board digital signal processors (DSP) that communicate directly with the image sensor to analyze the scene details of each video frame for better accuracy and extended range. This extra processing power supports electronic image stabilization to eliminate video shake, while compensating for low and changing lighting conditions in the visible model. The processing power is also used to accurately detect objects in a background of environmental movement such as moving foliage, shadows from clouds and wind-blown objects. SightSensor cameras are geo-registered to the scene with GPS coordinates so they can accurately determine target size, bearing and speed in order to filter non-pedestrian objects and further reduce nuisance alarms.

SightTracker -- The controller automatically guides a PTZ camera to zoom and follow a detected target using GPS-based target information provided by associated SightSensor detection cameras. SightTracker interfaces with PTZ cameras to provide automated target tracking functionality to new or existing PTZ cameras. SightTracker solves the challenge of manually trying to locate a target over wide outdoor areas. When steered by an associated SightSensor, SightTracker automatically zooms PTZ cameras for up-close identification details.

Recognized as a leader in intelligent video surveillance systems that provide efficient, cost-effective management of outdoor areas, SightLogix' combination of edge-based video analytics, long and wide area coverage, and geo-spatial target tracking has been deployed around the world to meet the critical security needs of the transportation, energy, utility, chemical, information technology, public safety and defense industries.

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