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March 28, 2007 13:00 ET

SightSpeed Unveils 'Vlip,' a Distinctive New Video Community; Interactivity Distinguishes 'Vlip' From Passive Video Sites

Threaded Video Messages Are Now Easy to Create and Post With No Downloads or Registration Required

BERKELEY, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 28, 2007 -- Vlip, a demonstrably new, easy-to-use and totally interactive online video community site that lets anyone be seen and heard, is being introduced today. Vlip gives users anywhere in the world a public forum to say what they want to say by posting videos to and any other Web site, blog or wiki, and giving others a chance to view and reply easily to their Vlip postings.

Vlip's distinguishing video quality is enabled and supported by SightSpeed Inc., whose award-winning SightSpeed 6.0 offers users around the world the highest-quality personal video calling available on the Internet.

"I think of Vlip as the Internet equivalent of the famous Speaker's Corner in London's Hyde Park," said Eric Tveter, Chairman of the Board of SightSpeed. "By combining interactive communications with social networking in real time, Vlip provides a forum for the kind of free-flowing debate that has made Speaker's Corner so famous for promoting public exchanges of expression."

"It's so powerful because it extends SightSpeed's unsurpassed Internet video into social networking and user-generated content," Tveter added.

A big part of Vlip's distinctiveness lies in its unique "threader" technology, which links Vlip postings and their replies together on and across multiple Web sites, blogs and wikis, allowing viewers to observe a sequence of video exchanges instead of merely a single video post. This interactive, cross-site capability is currently unique to the Vlip video community.

The company said it foresees many individual Vlip users gaining from the popularity of their postings because of its advertising-supported, revenue-sharing model.

The other key attribute that makes Vlip so unique is that while other video destination sites are primarily for passive viewing of videos, Vlip promotes interaction between video creators and their audiences, as well as via other sites on a viral posting nature, both live and through threaded playback of posted pre-recorded video messages.

Via SightSpeed's award-winning personal video-communication capabilities, Vlippers have the power to reach out to one another with the highest quality and easiest to use click-to-call live video calling. Vlip's interactive communication component is offered by none of the passive video sites.

Vlip requires no download or registration of any kind: To "Vlip it," users need only webcams and microphones to click, create and post their own compelling Vlips. No webcam is needed to view posted Vlips, however.

Vlip users, or "Vlippers," can also e-mail their Vlips and easily embed them into other Web sites, such as their pages.

"Vlip is entirely new and completely unique," Tveter added. "It's a totally active -- and interactive -- online video community site geared toward adults 18 years and older."

"We've tried to make Vlip truly an interactive community, distinctively different from other online video destination sites," said SightSpeed CEO Peter Csathy. "There is nothing else like Vlip on the Internet. Vlip makes it radically easy to be an active participant by making it dead-easy simple to make and post videos."

"As an advertising-supported business, Vlip will provide revenue-sharing opportunities that will enable Vlippers to share in the revenues their content creates once they have built a following," Csathy said. "This revenue-stream model makes Vlip not just an ad-driven site, but a true user-driven site and experience."

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