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March 07, 2005 09:05 ET

Sigma Global Corporation Announces 93% Earnings Growth

Direct-to-Consumer Medical Marketing Company's Earnings Grow to $2.9 Million for Q4 2004

IRVING, TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 7, 2005 -- Sigma Global Corporation (OTC: SGGC), a direct-to-consumer marketer of medical devices and pharmaceuticals, today announced that it has filed a report in compliance with the new regulations governing public companies listed on the Pink Sheets. The filing states that the company's gross, unaudited revenues have grown to $2.9 million for fiscal Q2 2005 (quarter ended 12/31/04), a 93 percent increase over the $1.5 million it earned in fiscal Q1 2005 (quarter ended 9/30/2004), according to CEO Bryan Chance. Additionally, unaudited gross profit margins increased from $305,628 in the first quarter to $699,109 in the second quarter.

Sigma Global Corporation, with consumer websites at and and a corporate website at, began marketing to consumers as Sigma Medical (OTC: DTEC) on July 1, 2004, through a merger with Sigma Rx, LP, and changed its name and symbol to Sigma Global Corporation (SGGC).

"We are pleased to report that we increased our revenues over 93% and increased our gross profit margins over 130% between our first and second quarters as an operating public company," said Chance. "The Company was able to successfully incorporate two acquisitions during the past quarter and we now are well-positioned for organic growth going forward."

Sigma Global Corporation, through its subsidiary Sigma Medical, specializes in providing innovative direct-to-consumer products, services and pharmaceutical solutions for the management of chronic conditions in seniors and the uninsured. During Q1 2005, the Company acquired North America Drug Company, a wholesaler of medical devices, and during Q2 2005 the Company acquired Pharmacy Distributors Group, a pharmaceutical wholesaler.

Unaudited results for Sigma Global reflect the following financial statements, as fully documented in the Company's Pink Sheets filing:

The information reported is in accordance with Pink Sheet Guideline for Providing Adequate Current Information Pursuant to Rule 15C2-11.

                  Sigma Global Corporation
                     Income Statement

                             Actual        Actual
                           1st Quarter   2nd Quarter      TOTAL
                          ------------  ------------  ------------
Ordinary Income/Expense
  Total Income            1,595,113.35  2,951,653.66  4,546,767.01
  Total COGS              1,289,485.54  2,252,545.06  3,542,030.60
                          ------------  ------------  ------------

Gross Profit                305,627.81    699,108.60  1,004,736.41

  Total Expense             571,012.97  1,204,625.11  1,775,638.08
                          ------------  ------------  ------------

Net Ordinary Income        -265,385.16   -505,516.51   -770,901.67

  Net Other Income          -41,844.44    -42,726.68    -84,571.12
                          ------------  ------------  ------------

Net Income                 -307,229.60   -548,243.19   -855,472.79
                          ============  ============  ============

  Internally Prepared Unaudited Financial Statement
Full financials and management comments are available at with the specific elements of the report filed at and

About Sigma Global Corporation and Sigma Medical

Sigma Global Corporation is dedicated to providing innovative direct-to-consumer medical products and services, including a suite of integrated programs that help improve the process of long-term health maintenance for seniors and those suffering from chronic disease. SigmaRX operates a fully licensed pharmacy and distribution center that serves healthcare facilities, physicians and patients throughout North America and Puerto Rico. For more information on Sigma Medical, go to the websites, and

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