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December 17, 2008 08:00 ET

Signal Patterns Launches Pioneering Social and Music Discovery Web Applications

First-of-Its-Kind Website Employs Behavioral Sciences for Content and Music Discovery That Helps People Gain Personalized Psychological Insights and Connect With Others Most Like Them

PLEASANTVILLE, NY--(Marketwire - December 17, 2008) - Signal Patterns, developers of psychology-based social Web applications, today announces its official launch and publicly releases its first two Web applications: Personality Patterns and Music Patterns. The applications are now available on, a first-of-its-kind website where people use professional psychology tools, developed by leading PhD researchers and scientists, to discover psychological insights, connect to other like-minded individuals, and for content and music discovery.

The Signal Patterns applications offer people unprecedented insight to how psychological traits influence their behavior, emotions, relationships and content choices. This is the first time professional-grade tools have been incorporated into publicly available online social applications. In addition, the Music Patterns application offers personalized music discovery and automatically creates customized playlists based on a person's "music personality."

"Our technology and Web applications are based on decades of psychology research and studies from our team of industry-leading scientists," explained Ran Zilca, CEO and co-founder of Signal Patterns. "We take the science behind our technology and wrap it into friendly social Web applications that are designed to be simple, viral and fun for people, but at the same time offer real value to enhance their lives."

The Personality Patterns application is based on an algorithm that measures unique personality traits rather than rough "buckets" of personality types. To describe each person, the algorithm uses 45 different personality traits, each scored on a separate scale, resulting in extremely unique depictions of one's personality. The algorithm is based on the "Big Five" model developed by Dr. Lew Goldberg, the chairman of Signal Patterns' Scientific Advisory Board.

With Personality Patterns people can:

-- Gain deep insight into their unique personality traits and characteristics

-- Discover other people who have similar traits and interests

-- Engage with their results through an interactive visualization of their personality

-- Understand and improve their relationships by comparing with their family and friends' personalities

-- With the related Facebook application, display their top traits on their Facebook profile through an interactive widget, allow Facebook friends to take the survey and compare results, and discover new Facebook friends

-- And with a new feature in the Facebook application, express their personality through the "Trait of the Day" feature where people can send to friends or post to their profile messages like "Today I'm feeling volatile" or "Do you think I'm too assertive?"

Jason Rentfrow, Ph.D, Signal Patterns' director of scientific research and member of the social and political sciences faculty at Cambridge University in England, says, "The Personality Patterns application provides one of the most comprehensive online assessments of the Big Five personality dimensions. And the feedback provided is as thorough as the feedback provided in clinical and occupational settings."

The Music Patterns application is based on Signal Patterns' proprietary FUSES(SM) model, a psychological characterization of people's "music personality" and preferences. The model is obtained by asking users to rate different audio clips and mapping their response into a database of songs and music styles. Because the FUSES algorithm goes beyond genre and artist preferences, it opens the door to true music discovery.

Daniel J. Levitin, Ph.D, member of the Signal Patterns science team and a professor of psychology and music at McGill University, adds, "The Music Patterns application helps people discover new music they like by identifying key attributes that characterize their musical tastes."

With Music Patterns people can:

-- Learn the underlying psychological music traits that characterize their musical taste across different music genres

-- Engage with their results shown in an interactive "equalizer" display

-- Compare their music personality with other people's

-- Find other people who have similar music personalities

-- Discover new songs and artists with an embeddable playlist from leading social music service imeem with songs that match a user's music personality

By utilizing imeem's APIs with its Music Patterns application, Signal Patterns automatically generates an imeem embeddable playlist with songs that match a person's music personality and preferences. Music Patterns not only allows people to discover new music and artists based on their music preferences, but it also helps them discover other people who have similar music personalities.

Signal Patterns personality and music applications are available now at and free for all. Online publishers, social networks, content providers, recommendation engine providers, and advertisers who are interested in customized applications can contact Signal Patterns online or by phone at 914-747-3689.

About Signal Patterns

Signal Patterns develops social web applications that characterize and connect users to each other based on their interests, personality and preferences. With these psychology-based applications, people can discover more about themselves as well as make valuable connections to like-minded individuals, while publishers, advertisers and social networks can increase their own user engagement. Signal Patterns' patent-pending technology results from a unique combination of in-house behavioral science research and data mining expertise. Founded in 2006, Signal Patterns is based in Pleasantville, NY. For more information: Follow us on Twitter:

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