SignalChem Lifesciences Corporation

April 02, 2014 13:31 ET

SignalChem Lifesciences Expands Scientific Advisory Board With Leaders in Oncology and Medicinal Chemistry

Expertise critical as Company moves into next stage of development

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - April 2, 2014) - SignalChem Lifesciences Corporation ("SLC" or the "Company"), developers of next generation kinase drugs, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Doriano Fabbro and Dr. Marc Lang to the Scientific Advisory Board.

Dr. Fabbro, currently the Chief Scientific Officer of PIQUR Therapeutics AG, started his career as Group Leader in the Molecular Tumor Biology Unit of the University of Basel working mainly on the mechanisms of activation of PKC as well as on prognostic markers for breast cancer. Spanning his 35-year career in academia and industry, Dr. Fabbro has contributed to the discovery and development of numerous protein kinase inhibitors for the treatment of cancer, including various preclinical and clinical candidates such as PI3K inhibitors (BEZ235, BKM120 and BYL719 in Phase I-III clinical trials) PTK787 (Vatalinib, Phase-III clinical trial), PKC412 (Midostaurin, Phase III clinical trial), and was involved in the launch of compounds like RAD001 (Everolimus), STI571 (Imatinib, Glivec) and AMN107 (Nilotinib, Tasigna).

Dr. Lang, currently the Head of Medicinal Chemistry at PIQUR Therapeutics AG, has more than 30 years of experience in medicinal chemistry, with 20 years specifically in Oncology and Immunology. Prior to his time with PIQUR, Dr. Lang was the Head of Medicinal Chemistry for Oncology Research Programs at Novartis Pharma AG. During his tenure he contributed to three multi-billion dollar Novartis compounds (Femara®, Reyataz® and Tasigna®), and was involved in the development of five promising new compounds in clinical trials.

"We are very excited to have such seasoned and talented scientists who, by joining our team, will help realise the potential of our kinase platform," commented Dr. Jasbinder Sanghera, President and CEO. "Their extraordinary skills and leadership, combined with their relevant experience, will help advance our kinase programs to commercial success."

About SLC

SignalChem Lifesciences Corporation is a privately owned biopharmaceutical company specializing in the discovery and development of kinase inhibitors as innovative therapies for cancer, inflammation and neurological diseases. The Company has a robust Kinase Platform encompassing 450 kinase targets and assays for the development and commercialization of unique therapies in many diseases. This vast resource empowers SLC's scientists to identify novel drug candidates against kinase targets of interest. Another key part of SLC's kinase drug development platform is KineCore™, a kinase focused small molecule library that was designed and assembled in-house. For more information, refer to the Company's website at

About Kinase Inhibitors

Defects in kinases account for numerous medical conditions including cancer, inflammation and neurological diseases. Kinase inhibitors account for one of the fastest growing market segments in the therapeutic market place. Since the first kinase inhibitor Imatinib was approved by FDA in 2001, 25 kinase inhibitors have been approved for the treatment of cancers and RA. In total, including upfront fees, milestones and royalty structures, kinase deals in excess of $15bn have been completed in the last 8 years alone.

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