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February 24, 2014 12:00 ET

Silex Technology Introduces Enhanced Driver and Supplicant for Reliable and Secure Wi-Fi Communication

New Software Is Wi-Fi Pre-Certified, Cisco CCX v4 ASD-Compatible to Ensure Always-On Reliability

SANTA ANA, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 24, 2014) -   Silex Technology America has released the SX-6K3-LINUX Software Suite, an enhanced driver and supplicant to be used with its SDIO low-power embedded wireless modules. The software associated with the radio module is paramount to ensure optimal performance, reliability and security of Wi-Fi implementations. Key features of the improved software include:

  • "Always-On" Wireless Connectivity
  • Enterprise Security
  • Wi-Fi Certification Assurance
  • Enhanced Roaming
  • Configuration Enhancements
  • Cisco Compatibility Extensions (CCX)

"Our team spent over 3,000 man hours working on the SX-6K3-LINUX Software Suite prior to release. We have identified numerous issues, many of which are fixed in the Silex Technology reference driver and security supplicant. In addition, we have developed a wireless LAN configuration utility (sxwlanconfig) and have validated that the SX-6K3-LINUX Software Suite meets Wi-Fi certification requirements at an authorized third party lab," said Keith Sugawara, VP of Business Development at Silex Technology America.

Based on the Qualcomm Atheros reference driver, Silex Technology tests, evaluates, fixes and enhances the software before releasing as the SX-6K3-Linux Software Suite. With the company's long history as a networking product provider, Silex has established a breadth and depth of Design Validation Testing (DVT) know-how. The robust Silex DVT testing process includes complex multi-parameter testing and AP roaming tests simulating common use scenarios.

In addition to reliability, enterprise interoperability is another key requirement for many Silex Wi-Fi customers. Testing and validation of many combinations of radius servers, EAP authentication and access points were completed, as well as compliance to the Cisco CCXv4 ASD specification. The SX-6K3-LINUX Software Suite is designed for those devices where reliability is critical and it absolutely must connect. A full list of improvements that have been incorporated into our reference driver and security supplicant and DVT test reports are available once a non-disclosure agreement has been executed.

The SX-6K3-LINUX Software Suite has been validated on a Freescale i.MX6 Sabre Smart platform. Silex Technology also provides engineering services to port this reference driver and security supplicant to other hardware platforms or non-Linux environments.

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