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April 01, 2011 08:00 ET

siliconPR Unveils Secret PR Unicorns With New Website, Positioning

Rebranding Addresses Long-Held Company Secret

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - April 1, 2011) - siliconPR, a boutique PR agency representing the premier semiconductor and systems start-ups in the US, today announced a rebranding to reflect a long-held company secret: two unicorn employees who have been using their innate magical abilities to achieve terrific success for the company and their clients*. The rebranding around the two formerly secret unicorns finally makes public revolutionary PR tactics, sure to create a sea-change in the industry.

"Our new unicorn platform positioning really reflects who we are as a company," says Tara Sims, Principal of siliconPR. "We're proud of our non-human co-workers, and we're grateful for their magical intelligence, their innate understanding of the PR and tech industries, and their pretty, pretty manes and coats."

Now that the secret has been made public, siliconPR expects that many people will try to follow suit -- but they will do so at their own risk. Unicorns are very mild-tempered animals, sweet in nature, and preternaturally gifted when it comes to understanding the nitty-gritty of semiconductors, microprocessors, and the like, but it takes years, sometimes decades, to gain their trust. Furthermore, without the proper management technique -- one that has been perfected over the years by Ms. Sims -- their press releases tend to be overly-rainbow centric, and full of archaic prose.

The two unicorns, Sapphire and Perseus, affectionately called Percy, say that they are happy to be finally acknowledged for their hard work by their human counterparts.

"Neigh, whinny, neigh," said Sapphire, Head Unicorn. "Neigh, neigh." For more information on the rebranding and the unicorns, please visit the siliconPR website at

About siliconPR
Founded in 2005 by Tara Sims, siliconPR is a Silicon Valley-based public relations unicorn consultancy specializing in communications for technology companies. Ms. Sims is assisted by magical creature extraordinaire Shruti Swamy, whose primary duties involve assisting Secondary Unicorn, Perseus. 

*DISCLOSURE: siliconPR does not actually have unicorns on staff. This is an April Fool's joke.

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