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February 27, 2007 08:21 ET

SilverBack Announces Remote Monitoring Deployment Program for Application Developers

BILLERICA, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 27, 2007 -- SilverBack Technologies today announced a ramp-up program that will accelerate the deployment of remote monitoring and remediation capabilities to software vendors and application developers.

Dubbed the SilverBack Accelerated Deployment program, the goal is to help application developers quickly roll out technical support-related monitoring services to their end customers and, in some cases, to build monitoring capabilities via APIs directly into software applications.

Remote monitoring of customer deployments can address hardware and software issues before they escalate to major problems. Remote remediation of problems results in fewer on-site service calls and typically leads to a 50-percent reduction in trouble tickets and more satisfied customers.

"After the sale is made, vendors should take the next step in customer support by applying remote monitoring and remote remediation capabilities," said Jim Hare, VP of Business Development for SilverBack. "We are essentially offering a kind of tech support automation program that generates alerts with a built-in menu of suggestions on possible fixes. This lets support staff recognize software and hardware issues quickly -- often before the customers themselves know about them. Plus we provide a remote access solution that doesn't require setting up a VPN or reconfiguring a firewall. That helps in fixing problems quickly and without expensive on-site visits."

A case in point is Emageon Inc. (NASDAQ: EMAG) of Birmingham, Ala., a $100 million provider of enterprise medical IT systems for hospitals and healthcare networks.

Emageon needed to roll out a monitoring and management solution to more than 100 hospitals, but were consumed with too many internal projects and could not free up the required resources. SilverBack worked with Emageon engineering and support teams to put together a programmatic approach to turn up existing customers, as well as worked with manufacturing to build monitoring capabilities directly into Emageon's imaging product. The result after six months was a 30-percent drop in total customer problem incidents.

Said Mike Snell, VP of Engineering for Emageon Inc., "We needed to deploy our SilverBack monitoring system to hundreds of accounts in a short time. We contracted SilverBack to help us develop the installation process, work with engineering and customer support and actually provide the installation services themselves. This allowed us to rapidly deploy to over 100 hospitals, while allowing us to focus on our core IT objectives." More information about Emageon can be found at

SilverBack developed its Accelerated Deployment program for application developers who wish to roll out software and hardware monitoring services to their customers. Components of the program include:

--  Initial design reviews with all relevant teams, including engineering,
    customer support and manufacturing;
--  A go-to-market deployment plan with weekly updates;
--  A dedicated technical deployment manager;
--  Working sessions with engineering teams to develop unique and custom
    monitoring rules and policies;
--  A final review and written status report, with work performed and
    further recommendations;
--  A documented customer rollout plan.
The program is available now, with pricing dependent on the size of the deployment.

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