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December 14, 2015 18:38 ET

Silverhawk Wealth Management, LLC White Paper Outlines Private Foundation and Donor Advised Fund Selection Process

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - December 14, 2015) - Silverhawk Wealth Management, LLC, via Silverhawk Family Office, LLC, is offering to provide advice and guidance to high net worth investors looking to make key decisions regarding charitable donations in the current and future tax years. Specifically, the organization is providing its clients with advice to help them make the decision as to whether it is better to establish a private foundation or to utilize a donor advised fund for larger contributions.

To provide this information and support, Silverhawk Wealth Management, LLC has released the article entitled, "Private Foundations Vs. Donor Advised Funds: How to Choose for Investments." The article outlines the key risks associated with both fund types as well as the reasoning behind the selection of one or the other. It provides insight into why so many investors are moving away from private foundations.

Charles J. Cooper, Managing Director of Silverhawk Wealth Management, LLC had this to say about the release, "For years, many wealthy individuals have sought out different charitable contribution opportunities to benefit their favorite charitable causes. Lately, these same individuals are seeking ways to reduce the risk of excessive Internal Revenue Service scrutiny. As a result, many of today's wealthy donors are now focusing on the use of Donor Advised Funds (DAF) over the previously more heavily utilized private foundations."

The article provides helpful insights into key decision-making factors for either type of fund including the associated costs, privacy risks, and overall control levels contributors maintain in either situation. Cooper, who recently attended the Segerstrom Performing Arts Center's Candlelight Concert, provides support for contributors looking to use either donation vehicle.

Cooper suggested "Ultimately, the donation size and overall control desired by the contributor makes the largest impact on which investment vehicle he or she selects to use, especially when considering the overall costs associated with each method. It's vitally important that investors pay close attention to all options to minimize risks, increase donating power, and avoid costly taxation mistakes."

The article provides clear information on this somewhat complex topic among investors while providing simple steps to make key decisions on where investments should be made. A fast read, "Private Foundations Vs. Donor Advised Funds: How to Choose for Investments" is the starting point investors need to learn where they should put their money. Cooper recommends investors meet with tax professionals and financial advisors to determine the most appropriate investment vehicle for the individual's specific needs and benefits.

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Charles has over 23 years of experience in wealth management. He graduated from the University of Missouri with BA in finance. He spent the last 7 years at Charles Schwab and most recently held the position of Vice President -- Financial Consultant in Greenwich, Connecticut. During his career at Schwab, Charles was a two-time winner of the Chairman's Club Award. Charles is also committed to philanthropy and currently holds the Co-Chair of Men's Committee for the 2016 YWCA Greenwich Persimmons Ball and Co-Chair 2016 YWCA Greenwich Father's Day Committee Against Domestic Violence.

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