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December 02, 2015 18:52 ET

Silverhawk Wealth Management Unveils Costs Associated With Financial Advisor Services

To Break the Misconceptions and Clearly Give Clients an Understanding of What They Actually Pay for When Purchasing Financial Advisor Services, Silverhawk Wealth Management Released, "How Much Am I Really Paying My Private Wealth Management Advisors?"

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - December 02, 2015) - Silverhawk Wealth Management released a detailed article titled, "How Much Am I Really Paying My Private Wealth Management Advisors" as a way of improving communication and understanding between advisors and their clients. The piece takes a close look at a common misconception many wealth management clients have that they are not getting their money's worth when hiring and using the services of wealth management organizations.

Charles J. Cooper, managing director of SIlverhawk Wealth Management, had this to say about the topic: "The value of financial advisor services can be essential in creating solid financial returns and maintaining wealth. Yet, many clients feel they are being taken advantage of or not receiving services that match what they are paying."

In the new article, the company shares what the payment to private wealth management companies does and how clients, who feel they may not be getting their money's worth, can explore alternatives. It also sheds some light on common risks including "hidden fees" which can be easy for less-than-desirable advisors to charge and hide from clients.

Most importantly, the article provides insight into how to estimate the true worth of the fees paid in every instance. It focuses on learning what services are offered, whom the client is paying, and what that advisor is bringing to the table.

Cooper says, "Private wealth management services involve creating and constructing an effective plan and then tailoring that plan to meet the specific needs of the client going forward. It's an ongoing and constantly changing process that involves a great deal of client and advisor interaction. A comprehensive wealth plan protects the financial future of the client, grows his or her wealth in the desired manner, and works to maintain these goals even as the financial sector continues to change."

The article provides consistent, clear information to help clients determine how much of their fee is being spent on improving their private wealth portfolio and how to move on from those advisors potentially charging hidden fees. A concise and fast read, "How Much Am I Really Paying My Private Wealth Management Advisors" can answer many of the questions clients tend to have today.

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About Charles J. Cooper:

Charles has over 23 years of experience in wealth management. He graduated from the University of Missouri with BA in finance. He spent the last 7 years at Charles Schwab and most recently held the position of Vice President -- Financial Consultant in Greenwich, Connecticut. During his career at Schwab, Charles was a two-time winner of the Chairman's Club Award. Charles is also committed to philanthropy and currently holds the Co-Chair of Men's Committee for the 2016 YWCA Greenwich Persimmons Ball and Co-Chair 2016 YWCA Greenwich Father's Day Committee Against Domestic Violence.

About Silverhawk Wealth Management:

At Silverhawk, our mission is unique in that it shifts and evolves strategically with each individual client's needs depending on their financial goals and resources, the ever changing economic environment, the opening and closing of financial opportunities and the existing and evolving government regulations and taxation policies.

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