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March 03, 2008 08:00 ET

Silvus Technologies Supports DARPA MNM (Mobile Networked MIMO) Program

Silvus Providing Multi-Antenna Radio Solution

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - March 3, 2008) - Silvus Technologies, a leading wireless design services provider and commercial supplier of semiconductor Intellectual Property (IP) solutions for complex wireless applications, received funding under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) MNM (Mobile Networked MIMO) program in 2007. The funding covers work on phase two and potentially phase three of the program for MIMO development. Silvus Technologies was chosen as the only performer on the program. The contract is valued up to $15.5 million for both phases.

DARPA is looking to multiple input/multiple output (MIMO) radio technology, which has the potential to increase data rates by 10 to 20 times above current systems, as the foundation of a new generation of communications devices.

DARPA aims to exploit the adaptability of MIMO-capable systems for both vehicular and handheld applications. Toward that goal, DARPA seeks to identify technologies that will result in a system of communications devices and software that are built from the ground up to support the requirements and potential flexibility of an MNM-enabled network.

The system should be able to intelligently adapt all of its radio and processing resources to support the user's communications needs. These adaptations include spatial diversity for higher data rates, low power spectral density and increased range, frequency agility, bandwidth agility, interference suppression, beam forming and multiple simultaneous beams. The system must also support a tactically relevant network implementation that can adapt as the environment and mission change.

"The MNM program will revolutionize urban communications for the warfighter," explains DARPA Program Manager Edward Baranoski. "MIMO by itself allows spatial diversity to greatly increase channel usefulness by exploiting complex multipath propagation. MNM allows MIMO on-the-move across netted platforms to rapidly optimize performance to the environment. This will provide more reliable urban communications and increased capacity in urban settings that are problematic today."

Silvus Technologies will develop new broadband wireless IP solutions to attack the demands of the program not just limited to MIMO, but also interference suppression, spatial diversity, anti-jamming, frequency agility, and bandwidth agility.

"As a leader in the field of advanced broadband wireless IP, this program allows us to extend our technology by solving isolated issues associated with real world deployments," said Babak Daneshrad, chairman, president and CEO of Silvus Technologies. "Furthermore, Silvus' engagement with DARPA enables us to develop an integrated solution that will not only be of value for the military but also critical to high performance commercial wireless broadband applications."

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