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August 30, 2011 07:00 ET

Simi Valley Vet Provides Safe and Legal Declawing Services for Cats

SIMI VALLEY, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 30, 2011) - American Veterinary Hospital announced that the pet clinic is providing safe, comfortable and legal cat declawing. While declawing cats is illegal in the San Fernando Valley, it is completely legal in Simi Valley. The pet hospital uses laser technology that is safe and decreases the cat's recovery time while also minimizing pain. Founded in 1988, American Veterinary Hospital serves the communities of Simi Valley, Ventura County, and Los Angeles County. In addition to declawing services, the vet clinic provides routine wellness screenings, emergency & urgent care and pet boarding.

Dr. Luis D. Cruz, a Simi Valley vet and owner of American Veterinary Hospital, announced that the veterinary clinic provides cat declawing services. The declawing operation is done by using a laser to ensure that the procedure is completely safe while minimizing discomfort to the cat.

"Cat declawing is a personal choice that every pet owner should make after careful reflection on what is best for their family and their pet," said Dr. Cruz. "As a veterinarian, I am proud to provide cat owners with superior declawing services that are safe, legal and completely comfortable for the cat."

While declawing is illegal in the San Fernando Valley, the procedure may be performed in the Simi Valley. American Veterinary Hospital, located in the Simi Valley, uses a laser for precision cutting. Because the laser immediately seals the blood vessels as the cut is made, the laser eliminates common side effects, such as bleeding and swelling. This speeds the recovery process.

"Pet owners chose our pet hospital for declawing because they know that our compassionate veterinary team provides the highest level of care during the procedure," said Dr. Cruz. "The laser operation we use is completely safe and dramatically decreases recovery time. While pet owners should limit their cat's activity following the surgery, many young cats are ready to play and resume scratching on posts within a few days."

During the operation, the veterinarian will closely monitor the cat. The pet hospital uses state-of-the-art pain medication protocols and anesthesia to ensure that the cat is comfortable and relaxed both during and after the procedure.

Dr. Cruz recommends that pet owners who wish to declaw a cat do so at a young age. Declawing may be a more painful process for older cats and even with the laser declawing operation, the recovery period will be longer.

Pet owners who wish to learn more about laser declawing can visit the pet clinic's website, The website also has information about the other services that the hospital provides, as well as a map and information for new patients.

In addition to laser declawing, American Veterinary Hospital provides routine wellness services that include spay and neuter procedures, vaccinations and annual exams. The veterinary clinic's services also include pet boarding and emergency or urgent care.

American Veterinary Hospital serves the communities of Ventura and Los Angeles Counties.

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