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May 24, 2005 15:25 ET

SimplyFun Debuts Newest Games and Puzzles; Offering Includes Family Games and Expansion Into Preschool Market

BELLEVUE, WA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 24, 2005 -- From hunting dinosaurs with suction-cup spears to assembling the ultimate vintage car collection, SimplyFun™, a party-plan company offering original card, board and party games, today expanded its product offering with 12 new puzzles, three new family games and a new line of five games for ages 3 and up.

"SimplyFun's mission is to promote the importance of play to create lifelong memories. With the addition of our preschool line, we have a full selection of simple to learn and fun to play games and puzzles for people of any age," said Gail DeGiulio, co-founder and chief executive officer for SimplyFun.

SimplyFun's newest party, board and card games include:

Drive™            Step on the gas and make the right maneuvers to build
                  the ultimate vintage automobile collection. Players
                  draw and discard cards to collect valuable sets of cars.
                  But keep an eye on the road because if someone plays a
                  greater set of the same cars, your cars are discarded.
                  The player with the most points is the winner. Great for
                  two players. 8 and up. $22.

Ooga!™            Me hungry, bring food. Get ready for a prehistoric
                  banquet with Ooga! Players hunt dinosaur tiles with
                  suction-cup spears for their daily feast. Menu cards
                  tell players which dinosaurs to hunt. Toss the dino
                  bones and collect the most menu cards to earn the honor
                  of being Supreme Tribal Chief. 6 and up. $27.

Somethin' Fishy™  Anglers take turns casting their lines to catch fish.
                  The longer a player's string of fishes, the more points
                  they can score. Players must choose between reeling in
                  their catch to save them or risk being eaten by a hungry
                  shark. The player with the most fish at the end of the
                  game wins. 6 and up. $19.

Aargh!™           Young buccaneers go for the gold in this game of treasure
                  matching using memory, logic and counting skills. Mates
                  must stay clear of the skull and crossbones or their
                  precious gold will be taken away. The person with the
                  most gold at the end wins! Ages 3 and up. $22.

Crazy Ates™       Tacos, spaghetti and steak with ice cream. Lay down
                  cards that match either the tasty foods or cool colors.
                  No matching card? Play a wild crazy #8 and name a new
                  color! With a bit of strategy and a pinch of luck, the
                  first player to get rid of their cards wins. Ages 3 and
                  up. $9.50.

Chums™            Fish love to be with their friends in this card game!
                  Can you bring all the Chums back together? Ask others for
                  cards by number or go fishing to try and catch a pair of
                  matching Chums. The player with the most pairs at the end
                  of the game wins. Ages 3 and up. $9.50.

Peace™            Kindness does matter when playing the Peace card game.
                  Players turn over cards from their decks at the same
                  time. The players with the highest "friendly" card must
                  give it to the player with the lowest "mean" card. The
                  player who gives away all their cards first is truly the
                  most peaceful and the real winner in life. Ages 3 and up.

Royal Toad™       In the Royal Toad card game, Prince and Princess cards
                  are chosen from each player's hand to find their noble
                  matches. The player who holds on to the Royal Toad card
                  before it "hops" off is the winner! Ages 3 and up. $9.50.
SimplyFun introduces its puzzle line with six 3-D wood model puzzles, two giant floor puzzles and four wood puzzles. These puzzles range from beginner to advanced, and can be played by preschoolers to grandparents. "Puzzles are the perfect multi-generational activity," said DeGiulio. "With the addition of our puzzle line, our consultants and customers have a full age range of game and puzzle for everyone," said DeGiulio.

All SimplyFun games and puzzles can be played and purchased through its nationwide sales force of independent consultants, at a SimplyFun home party or through a consultant's web site by calling 1-877-557-7767 or visiting

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