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July 20, 2006 08:00 ET

Simucad Releases Reference PDKs for Analog, Mixed-Signal, RF and Logic Design

SANTA CLARA, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 20, 2006 -- Simucad Design Automation Inc., a leading provider of electronic design automation (EDA) tools, today announced the availability of reference process design kits (PDKs) for analog, mixed-signal, RF and logic design applications.

"These reference PDKs demonstrate the power of Simucad's integrated tool suite to provide the world's most productive, affordable and user-friendly custom IC design environment," said Ken Brock, vice president of marketing for Simucad. "PDK developers can efficiently create parameterized cells (Pcells) with only a few modifications to the standard templates provided to build a complete, verified, foundry-specific PDK at a fraction of the cost needed to support other toolsets."

Simucad reference PDKs are downloadable in source format with PDK Quickstart Manual -- a self-guided tutorial with circuit examples using PDK devices from schematic through simulation, layout, DRC/LVS, and parasitic extraction. Example circuits include a band gap, low drop-out regulator, shift register and low noise amplifier (LNA). Each PDK includes an FSA MS/RF PDK Checklist. Training for PDK use, customization, and development is available upon request.

Simucad PDK-based Integrated Design Flow

Gateway Schematic Editor is the front-end of Simucad's AMS/RF IC design tool suite. It provides netlist driven layout, spice netlist generation, and a simulation control environment for performing nested sweeps, circuit optimization, and other complex circuit analysis functions. It reads legacy schematics through EDIF.

SmartSpice Analog Circuit Simulator, the New Gold Standard, provides accuracy, convergence, speed and analysis functions required for high-performance designs. SmartSpice supports legacy models and netlists from other circuit simulators as well as the IEEE-1364 Verilog-A language for compact device models and analog behavioral models.

Expert Layout Editor is a productive, all-angle layout editor. It executes parameterized cells (Pcells) written in the LISA scripting language for design-rule correct layout of complex devices such as circular BJTs, multi-fingered RF MOS and spiral inductors.

Guardian DRC/LVS Physical Verification software accurately checks design rules, extracts layouts of complex devices, compares netlists and is tightly integrated with Gateway and Expert for cross-probing. It translates DRC/LVS rule files from other popular verification products.

HIPEX RC Full-Chip Parasitic Extractor performs 3D-accurate and 2D-fast extraction of parasitic capacitors and resistors from hierarchical layouts into hierarchical transistor-level netlists suitable for nanometer process technology.

SmartSpiceRF Harmonic Balance-based simulator provides a complete set of steady-state large-signal analyses and measurements to design GHz range RF ICs driven with multi-tone sources. It accurately and efficiently simulates harmonic distortion, intermodulation products, gains, noise and oscillator phase noise in non-linear circuits using standard SPICE netlists.

Simucad offers foundry process-specific PDKs down to 90nm for select analog, mixed-signal, RF and high voltage processes (Foundry NDA required). See Simucad website for availability. Simucad provides fast turnaround for complete PDK development.

Pricing and Availability

Simucad's AMS/RF Reference Flow PDKs are available now for free download to customers and prospects from its password-protected website. The complete Simucad PDK-based AMS/RF IC Design Toole Suite is available now for single core and multi-core computers under Linux, Solaris and Windows operating systems. Perpetual, time-based, multi-core and site licenses are available for workgroup configurations of these products. For further information on these products and pricing, please contact or see us at DAC, Booth #3663.

About Simucad Design Automation

Simucad Design Automation is a leading provider of simulation and CAD software tools used for developing analog, mixed-signal, and RF integrated circuits. Founded in 2004 with assets from Simucad Inc. and Silvaco International, the company delivers proven products for circuit simulation, custom IC layout/verification, interconnect modeling, digital simulation, and IP characterization. The company integrates these best-in-class products with experienced support and engineering services to provide a complete PDK-based design flow with interfaces to leading third-party design platforms. Worldwide customers include leading fabless semiconductor companies, integrated device manufacturers, foundries, universities and designers of integrated circuits who require the utmost in accuracy, performance and value. For more information, call (408) 567-1000 or visit Simucad online at

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