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January 25, 2010 19:00 ET

Sin Prominent in 70% of Relationships-a Flowers Direct Valentine's Survey Says...

MORECAMBE, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Jan. 25, 2010) - With the approach of Valentine's Day, the nation braces itself for the annual assault from retailers - each competing for our attentions with collections of chocolates, valentines flowers, champagne and other perhaps sometimes unimaginatively packaged symbols of modern love.

Trying to be a little different, online floral gifting retailer, Flowers Direct, talked to their customers and found that they really did want something different this year. In an email survey, the company discovered a fact quite revealing of the nature of contemporary relationships. This was that 70% of couples reported that 'sin' was a significant driver in their love life. And topping the charts of the Seven Deadly Sins, 'Lust' perhaps unsurprisingly nowadays, was seen as far more preferable than its corresponding so-called Heavenly Virtue - which church goers will know to be 'Chastity'. This virtue has low appeal, apparently, according to the same survey.

"When we saw this swing towards 'sin', we thought we'd join in the fun by launching our Seven Deadly Sins Range of flowers and chocolates," comments Marketing Director, Michael Duffy. "It's an imaginative collection that puts a bit of spice into Valentine's - because that's what our customers were clearly asking for. They said they wanted a bit of raunchy fun to compliment the usual Valentine's theme of romantic purity."

Asking its customers to rank the Seven Deadlies in 'favourite order', 'Lust' again topped the chart, with a 35% share of the vote.

"But while 'Lust' requires a bit of a proactive attitude to find its fulfilment," adds Duffy, "a good proportion of people aren't going to be doing much about it. That's because 'Sloth' was the second ranked favourite sin (17% share), so in our office we speculated most folk can't be bothered with the pursuit of steaminess!

Others will probably be pigged out on the sofa, having stuffed themselves with a too large box of chocolates. That's because 'Gluttony 'was the third most favourite sin amongst our very honest customers."

Developing the theme, Flowers Direct have placed a fun survey on their website where people can determine for themselves whether it's sin or virtue that drives their relationship.

"Most people start the survey by claiming to be virtuous," says Duffy. "But as we've found, some 70% of them definitely veer more towards sin. But who are we to be judgemental - we're just flogging Valentine's Flowers after all! Our beautiful bouquets definitely spark envy in non-recipients. And that's a deadly sin too."

The Seven Deadly Sins 'Favourites' Chart
Sin                       Share of the Vote(one choice per voter)
Lust                      35%
Sloth                     17%
Gluttony                  15%
Wrath                     10%
Envy                      10%
Greed                     7%
Pride                     6%

Flowers Direct's 'Seven Deadly Sins' range of Valentine's flowers and chocolates starts at a price of Pounds Sterling 29.99. That gets you a Luxury Single Red Rose accompanied by Deadly Sins themed chocs. Upgrade to Pounds Sterling 49.99 and you're onto a dozen roses with same themed sinful chocolates. And then there's other boozier options involving wine and champagne, all presented in sexy black and crimson packaging, according to the company's marketing blurb.

About Flowers Direct:

- Flowers Direct are an online floral gifting retailer supported by a nationwide network of 800 independent florists.

- Orders are gathered by the company through its award winning website fulfilled by its florist partners.

- In 2007 the company purchased Flowergram, a rival flower relay brand and integrated this into its main business. Also during 2007, the business was acquired by Manchester based venture capitalists, Zeus Private Equity, who hope to substantially grow the business over the next three years.

- On acquiring the business, Zeus strengthened the senior management team by appointing Jonathan Wall as CEO (formerly Marketing Director with electrical retailer Dabs) and Michael Duffy as Marketing Director (formerly in a senior Marketing role at Littlewoods Shop Direct).

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