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Sosbuzz, Inc

September 08, 2011 12:15 ET

Since Putting Google on Notice for Patent Pending Infringement, Sosbuzz Sign Ups Have Spiked

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 8, 2011) - Since putting Google on notice for infringing on its pending patent, Sosbuzz has experienced a significant increase in sign-ups.

"My team and I have been working on Sosbuzz for over six years," says Raffi Sosikian, founder of Sosbuzz. "I have poured a lot of energy and capital into this project. Imagine tirelessly working towards a goal for six years to discover a company out there has recently started to use a system for which you filed a patent approximately two years ago, and it's not just any company. It's Google, a publically traded company with vast amounts of resources. In any event, fortunately there are procedures in place with the USPTO that should now hasten the patent review process and make the issuance of this pending patent a lot quicker. Here's an example of the current state of patent lawsuits. Today HTC filed a suit against Apple using patents they received from Google, who purchased those patents from Motorola and others. Patent attorneys celebrate. Having stated that, I am certainly glad to see the spike in sign-ups. It just goes to prove that shoppers are not just looking for great deals and great service, but they are also conscious about where their dollars go and how those dollars can benefit the communities in which they live. That is why they join Sosbuzz. We'll continue to expand and keep our members apprised of our advancements."

Sosbuzz members can search deals by keywords, and request to receive call backs from all sorts of Sosbuzz advertisers including brokers, jewelers, contractors and more.

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Sosbuzz is a patent pending deals search engine for conscientious shoppers who want to save time and money as they shop for products and services. Sosbuzz members can find thousands of deals on Sosbuzz by either searching for them or via opt in email notifications. Sosbuzz is the first and only search engine to provide sellers the opportunity to advertise their products and off-line services for free, and pay only after they confirm receiving a sale. Sosbuzz donates 25% of the proceeds it collects from its advertisers to the causes designated by Sosbuzz members when they report their purchases. Sosbuzz has over 950,000 causes listed in its database.

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