October 07, 2015 11:30 ET

Single and Double Letter Domains Launch .CLUB's First China Auction

High Value Domain Names Such as,, and have Strong Appeal in Asia and the West

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL--(Marketwired - October 07, 2015) - C.Club and twenty-four 2-character .CLUB domain names are set to hit the auction block on October 29, 2015 in a series of five fast-moving auctions with each auction lasting three days. The popularity and value of one and two-character domains is well documented as witnessed through their global sales and usage by major corporations across verticals such as (Yellow Pages), (Hewlett Packard), (Sports Illustrated), (Electronic Arts), (Tencent QQ), (WordPress) and more. In fact, many companies’ brand identity has naturally morphed to be more prevalent in their two-character abbreviated form rather than full name.

This auction, to be held on the Chinese platform, marks the first time .CLUB Domains, the Registry behind one of the world’s most popular new domain extensions, is offering this set of domains in a public auction format. The domain inventory included in this auction has been hand-selected by the team to specifically appeal to Eastern and Western businesses and investors alike. Auction bidding starts as low as $5,000USD for the majority of two-character domains, making them accessible for businesses of all sizes and budgets.

.CLUB Domains has already sold reserved domains at considerable auction prices, including the sale of for $140,000 in 2015 at the NamesCon Auction, which set the worldwide auction record for all new domain extension sales to date. This was their first and only auction, showing the demand for .CLUB domain sales. Likewise, interest in the first Eastern and Western auction of .CLUB names is expected to attract strong participation, especially with .CLUB’s active focus on buyers worldwide.

The auction platform will be available in both Chinese and English, and .CLUB will be offering a Concierge Service to assist Western buyers, thus allowing two ways to bid:

  • Bid online from the auction platform. Once the auction begins, create an account and bid as frequently as you like. You can also enter a proxy bid for each auction for automated bidding.
  • Use the free Concierge Service and work with a professional bi-lingual domain specialist to guide you through’s registration and bidding process on your behalf and under your directions. This provides you the freedom to set your limits anonymously before the auction ends. To learn more, contact us at

Payments will be made through the familiar website for non-Chinese investors and through Union Pay for Chinese investors. To accommodate investors everywhere, teams of bilingual speakers will be available throughout the auction in U.S. and China time zones.

Be sure to frequently check for the latest news and bidding links for this coveted set of 25 valuable domains. Auction inventory, reserves and dates can be found below. Each auction will end promptly at 10:30 pm Eastern (7:30 pm Pacific) on the indicated End date.

Domain  Reserve  Start  End
HJ.CLUB  $5,000 USD  29-Oct-2015  1-Nov-2015
JC.CLUB  $5,000 USD  29-Oct-2015  1-Nov-2015
YM.CLUB  $5,000 USD  29-Oct-2015  1-Nov-2015
JS.CLUB  $5,000 USD  29-Oct-2015  1-Nov-2015
GZ.CLUB  $5,000 USD  29-Oct-2015  1-Nov-2015
PC.CLUB  $5,000 USD  30-Oct-2015  2-Nov-2015
YX.CLUB  $5,000 USD  30-Oct-2015  2-Nov-2015
QC.CLUB  $5,000 USD  30-Oct-2015  2-Nov-2015
DK.CLUB  $5,000 USD  30-Oct-2015  2-Nov-2015
PK.CLUB  $5,000 USD  30-Oct-2015  2-Nov-2015
ZS.CLUB  $5,000 USD  31-Oct-2015  3-Nov-2015
CG.CLUB  $5,000 USD  31-Oct-2015  3-Nov-2015
SQ.CLUB  $5,000 USD  31-Oct-2015  3-Nov-2015
KF.CLUB  $5,000 USD  31-Oct-2015  3-Nov-2015
ZI.CLUB  $5,000 USD  31-Oct-2015  3-Nov-2015
YC.CLUB  $5,000 USD  1-Nov-2015  4-Nov-2015
DS.CLUB  $5,000 USD  1-Nov-2015  4-Nov-2015
YQ.CLUB  $5,000 USD  1-Nov-2015  4-Nov-2015
ZQ.CLUB  $5,000 USD  1-Nov-2015  4-Nov-2015
TB.CLUB  $5,000 USD  1-Nov-2015  4-Nov-2015
C.CLUB  $50,000 USD  2-Nov-2015  5-Nov-2015
JD.CLUB  $10,000 USD  2-Nov-2015  5-Nov-2015
PJ.CLUB  $10,000 USD  2-Nov-2015  5-Nov-2015
LY.CLUB  $5,000 USD  2-Nov-2015  5-Nov-2015
GW.CLUB  $5,000 USD  2-Nov-2015  5-Nov-2015

About .Club Domains, LLC

Led by Internet entrepreneur Colin Campbell, whose prior successes include Tucows Interactive and, .Club Domains, LLC is the award-winning registry behind the .CLUB top level domain name. The company recently launched to support entrepreneurs building businesses around a .CLUB domain name. With more than 290,000 domain names sold to date .CLUB leads the pack of new domain extensions in sales and usage and was recognized at the 2015 Domain Industry Awards for Best Registry and Company of the Year. More information and links to register .CLUB domains are available now at


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