April 20, 2012 20:15 ET

Single Mom Wins $1.5 Million Scratch & Win Jackpot

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - April 20, 2012) - A single mom struggling to make mortgage payments is looking at a whole new bottom line after winning $1.5 million on a Scratch & Win ticket.

"It was just another Tuesday," said Jacqueline Davenport of Kelowna, B.C. "I was just running out to get french fries and decided to stop to purchase a Scratch & Win ticket."

She picked up her winning ticket at Knox Mountain Market in Kelowna. She spent $20 to purchase a $100,000 A Year For Life ticket.

"I went home to eat and then I scratched my ticket. I matched the gem and I knew I had won something, and when I realized it was the jackpot I came running out of my room. My daughter thought something was wrong and I had to reassure her everything was okay!"

Davenport is a consultant with two children. She said she's been working "seven days a week for over a year to make ends meet, but the ends were not meeting."

She had recently put her house up for sale. Now that her financial life looks a lot different, Davenport is not making big plans yet to spend her winnings. She says she wants to "think about it for a couple of months."

"I always believed that one day I was going to win big," she said. "It finally happened!"

$100,000 A Year For Life is the Scratch & Win ticket that offers players the chance to win a top prize of $100,000 every year for the rest of their life. Jackpot winners have the choice of receiving $100,000 a year for the rest of her life without limit or a lump-sum of $1.5 million.

BCLC is a provincial Crown Corporation that offers socially responsible gaming entertainment while generating income that benefits all British Columbians.

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