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October 24, 2013 19:05 ET

Singularity University Announces Faculty Lineup for "FutureMed" in San Diego, November 3-6

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwired - October 24, 2013) - FutureMed (, the widely acclaimed Singularity University (SU) program exploring the impact and opportunities presented by disruptive, rapidly developing technologies in the fields of health and biomedicine, has announced the lineup of faculty for the upcoming FutureMed program in San Diego, November 3-6 at the Hotel Del Coronado.

Headlining the program will be: Harvard's George Church, Scripps' Eric Topol, and IMB Watson's Marty Kohn, who will be joining Intuitive Surgical's Catherine Mohr, Tech media's Tim O'Reilly, Dean Ornish and futurist Ray Kurzweil, co-founder of Singularity University and Director of Engineering at Google.

The intensive 3-1/2 day FutureMed event for physicians, scientists, healthcare executives, innovators and investors will include lectures, discussions and workshops led by notable experts in the fields of health and biomedicine, scientists and technologists who comprise the world-class FutureMed faculty. The San Diego FutureMed program expands on the success of the oversubscribed FutureMed Executive Programs held on the SU Silicon Valley campus in 2011, 2012, and early 2013.

''Part of the power of FutureMed is that we 'un-silo' many of the traditional arenas of medical practice and technology, to explore where the trajectory and convergence of fast moving fields can disrupt and positively impact the re-invention of health and medicine," explained Dr. Daniel Kraft, MD, FutureMed Founding Executive Director and Chair of the Medicine and Neuroscience track for Singularity University. "The incredible mix of faculty and passionate, talented participants from diverse fields of practice will play a key role in in many spectrums of biomedical innovation."

The FutureMed Faculty ( includes: 

Dr. Eric Topol, Chief Academic Officer, Cardiologist and Geneticist at Scripps Health, will keynote the opening day and help frame examples and opportunities for disruption in healthcare.

Singularity University Co-Founders Dr. Peter H. Diamandis MD, X PRIZE Foundation Chairman, and Ray Kurzweil, futurist, inventor, author and Google's Director of Engineering, will introduce the power and potential of exponential technologies. Core faculty from Singularity University will dive into the trajectories and disruptive potential of artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing and IT.

Dr. George Church, PhD, Harvard Professor of Genetics, Author David Ewing Duncan, and Esther Dyson, board member of 23andMe will help explore the future of personal genomics and its impact in the clinic and beyond.

Data and informatics are playing an increasingly critical role as will be explored by Dr. John Mattison MD, CMIO of Kaiser Permanente. Tim O'Reilly, founder and CEO, O'Reilly Media, will chair a session on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, joined by Dr. Marty Kohn MD, chief medical technologist behind IBM Watson, and Ari Caroline PhD, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Quantitative Analysis at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Larry Smarr PhD, UCSD Professor and head of CaliT, and an astrophysicist by training, will share his experience in self-quantification and leveraging his own data to improve his healthcare -- focusing on the role of the empowered and engaged patient.

Dr. Dean Ornish MD, a leading figure in preventative medicine, will share his work on reversing chronic disease, and discuss the impact of lifestyle and diet on the impact of cancer.

The Future of Intervention, being enabled by new tools, will be discussed by Dr. Catherine Mohr MD director of research for Intuitive Surgical, Dr. Peter Fitzgerald MD PhD of Stanford University School, of Medicine, and Dr. Richard Satava MD of the University of Washington -- sharing cutting edge and future perspectives on therapeutics.

The practice of connected medicine is evolving through technology and will be introduced by Dr. Bill Crounse MD from Microsoft, and Dr. Tracy Galudet MD, Office of Patient Centered Care Veterans Administration. In the Global Health arena, Dr. Eric Rassmussen MD, Infinitum Humanitarian Systems, and Lisa Kennedy from GE Healthymagination will discuss technologies' role in improving global health in the early detection and prevention of pandemic disease.

The future of biopharma is ripe for disruption. Winner of the 2013 Google Science Fair, 17 year-old Eric Chen, will share his novel approach to drug discovery. Jamie Heywood, founder and chair of PatientsLikeMe will further delve into the emerging role of the participatory, patient derived, crowd-sourced clinical trials.

Lucien Engelen, Director of the Radboud Reshape & Innovation Center will bring a European perspective on the future of healthcare. Dr. Robert Hariri MD PhD and CEO, Celgene Therapeudics will highlight developments in Regenerative Medicine.

Demonstrations including the role of Google Glass and 3D printing in healthcare, workshops and discussions and more than 30 companies sharing their innovations, will be augmented with special guest, singer-songwriter Eoin Harrington.

About FutureMed

In 2011, Dr. Daniel Kraft, MD, FutureMed Founding Executive Director and Chair of the Medicine and Neuroscience track for Singularity University, and Robin Farmanfarmaian, SU's VP of Strategic Alliances, launched the first FutureMed at Singularity University's NASA Research Park campus. The breakthrough program explores cutting edge and potential applications of low cost genomic sequencing and 'Omics, ever-faster, high-resolution imaging, artificial intelligence, telemedicine, robotics, 24/7 wearable body sensors, stem cells, synthetic biology, gene therapy, and participatory, crowd-sourced health data, and examines how these technologies are radically changing our beliefs and approach to wellness, prevention and the delivery of medical care.

About Singularity University

Singularity University's mission is to educate, inspire and enable a new generation of leaders across the globe to harness the power of exponential technologies to help solve humanity's greatest challenges. Since 2009, SU has hosted students and industry leaders from more than 70 countries at its Graduate Studies Program, Executive Programs, and specialized Executive Programs, including FutureMed.

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