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SIP Trunk Providers Proving to Be the Best for 2014, Determined by

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 24, 2014) - Businesses frequently state that they have a reliable Internet connection but complain that they are still straddled with a conventional telephone line. To keep office information streamlined, it is time for them to consider integrating both data and voice connections into a single system. The solution to this very common problem is called SIP trunking.

This is the safe and intelligent way to consolidate data and voice services. There are a number of reasons why a company should utilize a SIP trunk provider. For beginners, SIP trunking is a seamless way to integrate an existing telephone structure with the powerful features of different VoIP systems. There is no need for a company to maintain and pay for separate lines for video conferencing, voice calls and data. Web browsing, texting, e-mail, local and long distance calls can now be housed under a single digital roof. The expert team at came together to announce the best SIP trunk providers. They used criteria that included customer reviews, features, monthly rates, service analysis and more. There are two SIP trunk providers that can always get the job done.

1) BroadVoice

Highly regarded by both residential and business users alike, BroadVoice makes it very easy for people to enjoy all the advantages of Internet calling both out of the office and in house. has ranked BroadVoice as the top SIP trunk provider of the year for a number of reasons.

The company offers three different plans for subscribers to customize their trunking in a way that works for them. All of these plans provide outbound and inbound calls to Canada and the U.S. Unlike other SIP trunk providers, BroadVoice offers U.S. based technical service customer support.

Customers appreciate the flexibility that this SIP trunk provider gives them. This is because it allows SIP capable VoIP PBX to connect to their network. Companies are also given the capability to use Talkswitch, Switchvox, Shoretel, Asterix and Trixbox with the BroadVoice trunking system. This helps them to route as many minutes as they need every month.

BroadVoice also offers new SIP phone numbers for companies based in the U.S. What is even better is that there are no additional fees when they decide to transfer their number to BroadVoice. The trunking system at BroadVoice is also T.38 compliant. This means it can support reliable fax over BroadVoice's SIP and VoIP trunking services.

2) 8x8 Inc.

8x8 has a great SIP service for medium and small-sized businesses. They provide custom calling plans that allow a company to meet their specific needs. For home businesses, there is a home VoIP service. They also offer a mobile app that allows a client to transform a mobile device or tablet into a VoIP telephone.

Aside from making cheap calls through the Internet, this app offers the same features found on an office phone. It can make video phone calls, record calls and view faxes. 8x8 also provides clients with many basic calling features such as caller ID, call waiting and voicemail. The service also equips each phone with conference calling.

Even though there is an additional fee, 8x8 offers a toll-free number along with the capability to receive and send faxes using SIP trunking. The company's professional SIP trunking service also incorporates music while on hold and has an auto attendant to direct calls. In addition, it has the capability to switch the answering machine message between business and non-business hours.

There is a complete FAQ section that offers ways to troubleshoot many common issues that users may face when utilizing the service or during the setup process. The company also provides a live chat feature and telephone support to help clients.

Finding the right company for SIP trunking is a vital task for many businesses. Communication is an essential aspect of a company, and finding a good method of communicating is critical to a business' success. The SIP Trunking providers mentioned above all provide innovative features that can help a business stand out from the rest. Those who want to obtain more information about these SIP trunking providers can do so at is an authority VoIP Provider site that offers comparison tools to help businesses and residences find the best VoIP Provider for them.

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