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The SIP Trunk Providers Worth Implementing Into Your Business, Decided by

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 24, 2014) - SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is used by VoIP systems to manage VoIP phone calls. The phone calls operate differently from circuit-switched phone calls and are a much cheaper alternative. This is why many companies are switching to this option to save money. The specialists at recently decided on the SIP trunk providers that are worth implementing into a business. The specialists looked into overall price, additional features, customer satisfaction reviews and more:

1. 8x8, Inc.

This company is known for collaboration tools and helping their customers remain competitive in the industry. They offer solutions that are enterprise-ready and help businesses communicate internationally. SIP trunk telephony systems are specialties of this company, and they have eight different plans to meet the needs of their clients. Their plans provide unlimited calls in the United States and Canada and unlimited calling to 40 of the most frequently called countries in the nation.

With 8x8, Inc., they offer 24 hour tech support and the ability to check messages remotely. You can also block junk calls. In addition to these features, you can also expect data migration tools, website customization, telephony customizations with enhanced IVR, and project management tools.

Cost: The SIP trunk service typically costs $19.99 per month to install and will cost $59.00 to cancel once its installed.

Rating: While a vast majority of customers would rank the service a four out of five stars or five out of five stars, there are some customers who are not satisfied with tech support or customer support. This feedback should be considered when trying 8x8, Inc. and their VoIP services.

2. BroadVoice

BroadVoice offers numerous features for its business callers to enjoy. The online dashboard, operator services, optional non-local number, toll free numbers, unlimited inbound calls, and international virtual numbers. In addition to BroadVoice, you can also get caller ID with name support, 411, and 911 call support.

SIP trunk telephony systems offer even more cost savings for business owners. VoIP technology is behind these savings and can be integrated with existing Internet systems. This flexible system allows you to keep your phone number even if you move without any additional forwarding costs.

A dedicated SIP trunk account representative will be assigned to your business. The business has locations on both customers in the United States, which ensures that you'll get seamless service in the United States and Canada.

Cost: BroadVoice offers a variety of calling plans with varying prices. Some clients pay as little as $9.95 and up to $34.95 for the video phone VoIP option.

Rating: Most users rank this service at least a seven out of 10 and most give it an eight out of 10. It's easy to install, and they have excellent customer service and tech support. Tech support got a nine out of 10 from most reviewers.

Try These SIP Trunk Providers

These three options provide a cheaper alternative to other phone providers. The choice will depend upon the needs of your company. Read the reviews and determine if any of these three SIP trunk providers is right for you. Keep in mind that trunking is not needed if the system will only be used internally.

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