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February 10, 2016 08:30 ET

Sipp Industries Advanced Plasma Lights in Demand for Indoor Horticulture Applications

COSTA MESA, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 10, 2016) - Sipp Industries, Inc. (OTC: SIPC), a diversified conglomerate corporation specializing in technology, manufacturing and distribution of commercial and consumer products, today announces new sales and availability of advanced plasma lights for commercial and indoor growing applications.

Sipp Industries' plasma product line consists of two light models: H400 and H1000. These are equivalent to 400W metal halide or a 600W HPS and 1,000W metal halide or HPS. They are ideal lighting systems for indoor horticulture applications. With its optimized spectrum and energy efficiency, the lights have been shown to outperform both HPS and LEDs in terms of growth cycle, taste, smell and texture of the product while reducing energy costs up to 60%.

The demand for Sipp Industries advanced plasma lighting has been focused in the cannabis and medical marijuana sectors, but many applications such as lighting for parking lots, garages, and street are also ideal. The company is currently in business development talks with several indoor horticulture operations, as well as a large commercial lighting distributor. 

"We have received excellent feedback from our initial Colorado-based growers. They have reported lower operating temperatures, decreased energy costs, as well as enhanced yield compared to their current HPS and LED lighting systems," stated Chief Executive Officer Syman Vong. "In addition, since plasma lighting is full-spectrum and closest semblance of sun light, there is no need for a bulb change during the growing cycle," continued Vong. "Due to the early successes, the majority of our new clients are direct referrals from our current clients. We expect sales to grow and will continue to ramp up inventory and sales efforts to meet demand."

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