January 21, 2013 11:29 ET

Sippdeal Warns Flat Rate Pension Will Still Leave People Short

New figures from Sippdeal offer a stark warning to savers of how much they need on top of the new proposed flat rate pension to avoid hardship in retirement

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Jan. 21, 2013) - Leading SIPP provider Sippdeal has produced a retirement income versus savings ladder showing how much an individual needs to save to supplement the proposed pension in order to achieve a range of retirement income levels.

The figures show that to generate the same level of income as the new basic state pension individuals would need to save £210,000. But to achieve an income equivalent to the national minimum wage you need to build an additional pension pot of £130,000. To achieve what the Joseph Rowntree Foundation regards as sufficient to enjoy the minimum standard of living in the UK requires an additional pension pot of £270,000.

Sippdeal marketing director Billy Mackay said: "The proposed flat rate pension makes it easier to plan for retirement and for savers to understand what they need to save, but it doesn't remove the need to save.

"You would need over £200,000 to fund the basic state pension if it didn't exist, so this is a significant start. But £144 a week is the equivalent of just £3.84 an hour - far below the minimum wage and well below the living wage.

"If they're to live comfortably in retirement, savers need to have a clear plan around the significant amount of money that they need to invest into pensions, ISAs and other saving vehicles. This is particularly true of those who are self-employed and those who aren't eligible for a company pension."

The Government insists on savers having an income of £20,000pa (including the state pension) before they can opt for flexible drawdown. Mackay added: "This suggests that they think you really need £20,000 a year to be confident of not having to rely on benefits. You need to build an additional pot of £380,000 to achieve that. These are big numbers so savers need to avoid the temptation to bury their head in the sand in the hope that the problem will somehow sort itself. The answer is to save what you can, from as early as you can, as effectively as you can."


Below find the figures in our illustration in a table format.

Target income level Private funding required Total funding required
£7,488 (proposed basic state pension) Nil £210,000
£12,070 (national minimum wage) £130,000 £340,000
£14,527 (living wage - outside London) £190,000 £400,000
£16,400 (Joseph Rowntree Foundation minimum standard of living) £270,000 £480,000
£16,672 (living wage - inside London) £280,000 £490,000
£20,000 (flexible drawdown minimum income requirement) £380,000 £590,000
£21,060 (median national average wage) £410,000 £620,000
£25,496 (mean national average wage) £550,000 £760,000
£42,263 (average train driver pay) £1,100,000 £1,310,000
£65,738 (backbench MP's salary) £1,840,000 £2,050,000

Note: The total funding required figures are based on an annuity rate for someone living in the North West and shows the amount needed for a healthy person looking to secure an adequate income in retirement from their 65 birthday.

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