Maluuba Inc.

Maluuba Inc.

October 11, 2012 15:00 ET

Siri's Android Competitor Maluuba Goes Global

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 11, 2012) - Maluuba, a start-up that grew out of research at the University of Waterloo, launched a voice-enabled "do engine" for Android globally on Wednesday.

A do engine allows users to speak naturally to their phone and get exactly what they want. Maluuba is the natural evolution of search, which gives users direct results instead of the sea of web links provided by search engines. A user can ask, "Is it going to rain tomorrow?" and Maluuba understands that they want to see tomorrow's weather forecast for their location. Maluuba can also schedule appointments, place calls, find businesses and restaurants, set reminders, Tweet messages and more. Users can also interact with Maluuba through touch when they cannot speak into their phone, such as during meetings.

By making a wealth of organization tools accessible via voice and touch and presenting them in an effective way, Maluuba allows people to stay organized. The day view shows alarms, meetings and reminders users have for the day at a glance. Results can also be added to a user's calendar. If a user sees a concert they wish to attend, they can easily schedule it into their calendar. They can even invite friends to events by e-mail with event details included.

"Since our North American launch last month, users all around the world have been excited and have been asking to use Maluuba in their countries," said Sam Pasupalak, CEO of Maluuba. "We are releasing a limited international beta version for people everywhere. Although some services like restaurants, movies, and events might not be available in all countries, it gives users a sense of what the future of search is intended to be like. Gradually, we will add custom language models and services for countries all over the world."


Maluuba is a free Android application available in United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and Ireland via the Google Play Store at and for all other countries at Currently, services offered by Maluuba vary by country and have been designed for English speakers.

About Maluuba

Maluuba's mission is to empower people with the ability to find exactly what they want by speaking to their smartphone. Maluuba's proprietary, patent-pending engine provides superior capabilities to traditional voice recognition systems. The Maluuba language engine is a product of two years of advanced research in artificial intelligence, machine learning and linguistics. Maluuba received $2 million from Samsung Ventures in early 2012 and plans to raise further investment to expand into new domains of search. With the goal of providing users the most appropriate answers to their entertainment, organizational and communication needs, Maluuba positions itself at the forefront of the mobile Internet search revolution.

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