May 22, 2013 10:32 ET

SiSense Introduces Prism 10X, the Only Data Analytics Solution Based on "In-Chip" Technology

SiSense Prism 10X Challenges Big Data Analytics Market With Powerful Alternative to In-Memory, Array of New Dynamic Visualizations, and Editing Mode for Analytics on the Web

REDWOOD SHORES, CA--(Marketwired - May 22, 2013) -  SiSense, the Big Data Analytics Company, announces the launch of Prism 10X™, a technology that allows non-technical users to analyze 100 times more data at 10 times the speed of current in-memory solutions. 

With Prism 10X, SiSense introduces "In-Chip Analytics," a technology that brings tremendous performance improvements to the already easy-to-start and easy-to-scale software package. Prism 10X also contains a new web-based feature that allows business users to turn any data into beautiful and interactive visualizations. 

The company will officially unveil Prism 10X at the Under the Radar Conference today in San Francisco. SiSense has experienced a 520% revenue growth over the past year and it now counts customers across 49 countries, from global leaders like Target and Merck to innovative startups like Wix and Uber. It recently announced $10 million in Series B funding from Battery Ventures and won the audience choice award at Strata for demonstrating technology that breaks the barriers faced by traditional in-memory solutions, while offering an option that is easier to use and more affordable than existing market solutions.

The Need for Speed
"Our secret sauce is the 'In-Chip analytics' technology embedded at the core of our database: it's is a revolutionary approach and it is two generations ahead of the available in-memory solutions," says SiSense CEO Amit Bendov. 

SiSense's In-Chip Analytics technology is optimized around modern CPU architecture. While other technologies solely rely on RAM or on Disk, SiSense Prism 10X uses the CPU, RAM and Disk and decides, in real-time how to best use machine capacity to its fullest to store, compress and access more data faster. Using SiSense Prism 10X, customers can analyze terabytes upon terabytes of data on standard commodity machines, and avoid the cost and complexity involved with buying expensive hardware to support their growth. On the same machine, they can analyze 100X more data than RAM based in-memory solutions, 10X faster.

"Prism has changed the way we look at data. In the past, we worried about building complex databases and adding capacity to manage data growth and keep up with the query response times our users expected," says Sonny Rivera, VP of Information Technology at Equipment Data Associates (EDA), a Division of Randall-Reilly. The company uses SiSense to analyze the world's largest database in the equipment data industry. "Now, we can quickly build and run analytics to give our customers immediate insight on their market. The cloud-based solution scales as our customers' demands grow and the speed of SiSense allows them to gain competitive advantage. The amount of data is increasing exponentially, but SiSense makes it easy for EDA customers to work with it with ease."


SiSense Prism 10X, the first all-in-one solution for Big Data Analytics solves the top problems plaguing the industry: expensive hardware, complicated software and integration issues between database technologies and visualization tools. 
SiSense Prism 10X includes in one package, a high-performance database, ETL capabilities and visualizations. It can be procured online and be licensed on a subscription basis - which makes it easier for anyone to get started quickly.

"SiSense's traction has been impressive," says Robin Bloor, co-founder of the Bloor Group. "The demand for the company's software reveals the chasm that exists between the pure-play visualization tools and the database vendors. SiSense is unique because it brings it all under one roof -- from a high-performance analytical database to state-of-the-art visualizations."

Pretty Big Data

Beyond increased performance, an easy way to procure and deploy, SiSense also introduces "The Switch" -- a feature that allows users to turn any data into beautiful and interactive visualizations directly from within the browser. Thousands of combinations are available -- from scatter charts, to wind-roses, funnels, scatter and areas maps to name a few. 

By combining the power of "In-Chip Analytics" for data performance and "The Switch" for web-interactive visualizations, SiSense proves that Big Data Analytics can be made pretty, powerful and affordable. Now companies of all sizes can deploy a complete Big Data Analytics solution, without having to worry about complexity or high cost, on premises or in the Cloud. Prism 10X also include innovations in the data connectivity arena such as connectors to Amazon Redshift, Heroku PostgreSQL and SAP (beta), as well as a new HTTP API that allows developers to directly query SiSense database, the ElastiCube™, using SQL.

SiSense 10X features Include:

  • Ability to analyze 100x more data than RAM based in-memory solutions, 10X faster.
  • Runs on commodity, "off-the-shelf" hardware
  • Comes with Out-of-The-Box Web based visualizations based on HTML 5 and JavaScript
  • New visualizations including Scatter Map, Area Map, Scatter Chart, Point Chart, Radar Chart, Polar Charts, Wind Rose, Spider Web, Polar, Radar, Range Chart, Bar, Column, Funnel and many others.
  • Provides automatic extraction ("ETL") from all major databases including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, IBM DB2, Teradata, PostgreSQL and Intuit QuickBase, and applications like, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Spreadsheets, Zendesk and Intuit QuickBooks, and data from Hadoop/Hive, Amazon Redshift, Heroku PostgreSQL and SAP (beta).
  • New SQL HTTP API SQL queries against the ElastiCube. Enables users to use SQL to query the ElastiCube for their own applications (results can be obtained in JSON or as CSV format).

About SiSense

SiSense is democratizing Big Data Analytics by pioneering a new approach that enables organizations of all sizes to make sense of their data. SiSense Prism™ -- powered by Elasticube™ technology -- delivers unmatched performance, agility & value. With customers in 49 countries, including global brands like Target, ESPN, Merck and NASA, SiSense was recently designated a company to watch by Information Management, its solution won the "Audience Choice" award at the O'Reilly Strata conference, was named by CRN a "Hot Product to See at Dreamforce," and included in the "Top 10 Things to See at Hadoop World."

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