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October 21, 2014 09:30 ET

Six Apart Acquires Topics Server to Help Customers Upgrade and Scale Websites

New Product Provides Easy, Cost-Effective Way to Adapt Existing Content for Evolving Digital Platforms

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Oct 21, 2014) - Six Apart, international provider of content management software and services, has acquired the dynamic digital publishing product, Topics. This new offering allows users to connect any data store to a common, unified server that helps them scale and publish content more easily.

Topics helps Six Apart customers to revamp their sites and apps without upgrading their legacy content management systems. It works along with current CMS providers -- such as Movable Type, WordPress, Drupal and more -- to gather all existing content into a single API. From there, the content can be published to any desired outlet, such as a website, mobile website or app. This means that entire libraries of media, tags, comments and other data can be pushed to various channels, without the hassle of migrating platforms.

"We believe that Topics will save our clients a significant amount of time and money," said Robert Minton, Executive Vice President, North America at Six Apart. "If a customer wants to move a website to a new platform, or if their team needs support scaling large amounts of data, this solution will allow them to complete that overhaul with minimal effort."

Topics additionally helps to streamline front-end development. It provides developers and designers with one unified API to write all code against, even as individual departments may be using separate content management systems. The product also creates an easier path to make websites mobile-friendly and serve content to mobile apps.

"Six Apart customers will love how simple and painless Topics is to utilize," said Aaron Bailey, Senior Vice President of Products and Services at Six Apart. "You can use Topics' RESTful API without a steep learning curve. Topics is simply a middle layer between the data store and the published page that does everything automatically. Teams can continue to work within the technology they are comfortable using, while the content is distributed wherever they prefer."

Six Apart purchased Topics from its original developers at 29th Street Publishing. Topics has powered renowned sites like Gothamist, Serious Eats and Paper Magazine, providing a reliable solution for companies that have both extensive data and massive traffic.

"As long-time partners of Six Apart, we are thrilled for them to bring Topics to the next level, and we're excited to participate in the process," said David Jacobs, CEO at 29th Street Publishing.

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About Topics:
Topics is Six Apart's omni-publishing content platform. Topics pulls together all of your content into a single data store, giving your development team a unified API for publishing content to all of your websites, apps and multi-channel marketing platforms. It's easily scalable and lessens the pain of migrating from one CMS to another. Topics has been tested under fire and has been proven running on larger online publishers' websites.

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