SOURCE: Supporters of Scott Salyer

June 19, 2013 14:05 ET

Six Months Post Sentencing for Involvement in the Ongoing Quick Sand 'Operation Rotten Tomato,' Former SK Foods CEO Scott Salyer in Recovery Drug Alcohol Program

SACRAMENTO, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 19, 2013) - Beginning in August, nearly six months since February 12 sentencing to six years in federal prison for involvement in the alleged price fixing scam dubbed by the U.S. Justice Department "Operation Rotten Tomato," Scott Salyer, former CEO of SK Foods, will enter (RDAP) Recovery Drug Alcohol Program at Lompoc Prison Camp -- where he self-surrendered on April 9.

Salyer's supporters, who claim that he was the victim of prisoner abuse and whose food was fouled with sewage during an earlier stint in Sacramento County Jail, believe that he will be safer in the recovery program. His acceptance into RDAP comes following recommendation by Judge Karlton and a year earlier than Salyer and his supporters expected.

After a harrowing detox period, Salyer was interviewed by Bureau of Prisons RDAP's Dr. Lipatore, which helped him realize that his alcohol abuse -- which affected every decision in his life since age 13 -- is a symptom of Dependency, not uncommon in Adult Children of Alcoholics, giving rise to a host of "pleasing behaviors" such as permitting narcissistic people to embroil him in abusive relationships.

Salyer's attorney Paven Malhotra, of Keker & Van Nest LLP, recently informed him that the Restitution Hearing before Judge Lawrence K. Karlton is postponed until mid-2014. Consequently, the Government postponed sentencing for the so-called co-defendants until after Restitution. 

In other developments, the Australian Federal Police, AFP, made a Motion to Restrain release of Salyer funds based on assertions made by the SK Foods Duly Appointed and Acting Chapter 11 BankruptcyTrustee in their Courts. Assertions incongruent with assertions made in his cases in Judge Bardwil's Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Court, over 109 Adversarial Proceedings, a sand storm of litigation bearing a striking semblance to the Serbonian Bog at Lake Bardawil Egypt said to have consumed whole armies, he lodged as Plaintiff. Assertions also counter the US Government's Criminal Case against Salyer.

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